Ahh yes, brave frontier, the final fantasy for noobs.

Just kidding, it’s a decent game with japanese origins and similar art styles and animations.

In any case, the game is pretty alright, very cute characters and very explosive gameplay. They say pictures speak a 1000 words, well I say 1 video speaks a million pictures, literally!


So, you’ve seen the gameplay first hand and you’re probably wondering how you can get better at the game without doing, yknow, any actual work?


Brave Frontier Hack Tool! It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s dope! And best of all, it’s free…mmm that sweet smell of money that’s staying in my pocket…

Anyway, this is what it looks like:

Very sleek, professional design from the people over at imwonderboy.com, i think they did a great job, I also think you should take advantage of this before they start selling it. Go! Go! Go!

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