YUNDOO Y8 REVIEW – TV Box With ARM Cortex A72

Yundoo Y8 TV Box Review : The 21st-century technology, and advanced usage of the internet has made the world become a global village whereby a cast majority of information has been optimized in web browsers and can be accessible within a blink of an eye. It would be a shame if you were left in the analog phase as the world now advances into using futuristic technology like the use of holograms and robots to perform multiple tasks.

When it comes to the viewing of programs and surfing the internet, televisions have been upgraded to have the digital features and having the ability to accommodate applications. If not, there are other gadgets that come in handy and serve the same purpose. With the knowledge of the TV box being a device that is connected to the internet either via Wi-Fi or by the use of an Ethernet cable, then connected to the television, then you can understand the various versions of the Yundoo Y8 android TV box (Check Presale Price)


With this connection, a television can function as a smart TV as you can install apps on the device and stream movies on various sites such as Vimeo or Netflix. With the best resolution quality at 1080 pixels, you can enjoy watching that blockbuster movie with a simple connection from the android box to the TV using a HDMI cable, as well as use a peripheral device such as a mouse to navigate.

Yundoo Y8 Review

What makes the Yundoo Y8 so special? With the android operating system running it, we shall see why this Yundoo y8 TV Box is so spectacular!


Because of its android nature, it is using an ARM-based processor, which is quite advanced and is similar to the processor used in Android phones. However, the input and output of the Yundoo Y8 android TV box is more advanced in every aspect.

The device comes with great support and customer service. Moreover, each and every device is tested before being shipped out. Compared to the other versions of android TV boxes, the Y8 is relatively smaller in size, reducing the bulkiness for you. In a room with a huge wide screen, it’s even hard to notice the box. Selling at $111, below are some of its specifications :

  • Runs on android 6.0
  • 4GB RAM
  • 32GB ROM
  • Core 2.0GHz
  • 5G Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.1+EDR
  • Interface of DC 5 volts
  • External power adapter required
  • Multilanguage
  • Supports 3D video, gaming, airplay, PAL, NTSC

With these special features, some of the advantages/pros of this device are;

Outstanding high performance

With the USB 3.0 which has faster connectivity than the former USB 2.0, there is more headroom for devices to provide better experience to the user, even when it comes to audio and video output

Amazing viewing experience because of the 3D resolution system installed in the device

New appearance which has liveliness and genius all integrated into one device, through the Rockship RK3399 which is the latest chip from Rockship company.

On the flipside, the device tends to buffer when using poor connectivity or when you have overloaded apps on it. Also, it has a problem of storage space which makes the memory run a lot of processes in the background.

But indeed, the Yundoo Y8 android TV box is a device you don’t want to miss!

Yundoo Y8 TV Box


8.5 Total Score

  • Advantage of USB 3.0 for faster connectivity
  • 3D Resolution system
  • Rockship RK3399 in the box
  • Limited storage space
  • Get's a little bit slower if you Overload various Apps in it.


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