How’s the Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 ?

portable computers have over the last decade been on a course of constant improvement. With each company’s new release, so does the unveiling of new features and technologies. The development of smaller and by far much more
powerful computers has been witnessed. Recent computers have been developed to compact a wide range of features aiding in security and performance. One such computer in the notebook category is the Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3.

*How’s the Design & Display

Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3

the Notebook Air 13.3 has a sleek slim design equipped with all basic connectivity features. The computer has been well integrated to allow a slim design well suited for its small packaging and lightweight for portability. Its best features is, however, its display. The device hosts a 13.3-inch display for small packaging with a 1920 *1080 (FHD) resolution.

* Features & Performance

Including usb and HDMI ports, Wi-Fi, LAN and Bluetooth adapters have been
fitted to ascertain connectivity throughout. With a 1.0 MP front camera, the
notebook is capable of making clear and average-resolution images and video

A powerful processor designed by Intel to host all of the latest
core i5 2.5 GHz processors 7th generation perks is something to boast about.

This is backed with an 8 GB DDR4 ram and the extremely fast 256 GB SDD hard drive that keeps the machine running through high memory consumption programs.

Notebook Air 13.3

Finally, a worthy mention on the device features is its finger print secure authentication feature working with the latest windows 10 operating system from Microsoft. The combination of these features guarantees a state of the art performance by this computer especially for a gamer or a high end simulation software user.

Pros and Cons list

the computer has many pros to its name including its fast internal storage owing to the SDD technology. The large capacity ram makes the machine capable of running virtually any high-end software at ease. Its high-resolution display makes the overall display experience by far much better than other computers.

The computer however fails in storage. 256 GB internal storage is to most heavy users not adequate and therefore a downside to the overall usability of the computer. This storage capacity cannot host multiple large capacity software and may require the use of external storage devices.


As much as the computer features are great, the computer battery life and technology is an important factor in the computer usability. To this effect, the Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 has put to use a 7.4V / 5400 mAh, Li-ion polymer battery to use. The battery charging time is approximated to take 1-2 hours and capable of lasting 7-8 hours on standby. Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 is therefore a great computer in overall and worthy of a high review

Notebook Air 13.3


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