Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Review

This baby is one of the latest earphones with the highest technology on the market. They are made with a technology that gives off the great 3D sound while exhibiting comfort to the ear. Their good sound comes from their well fitted black sleeves that give an equal combination of sound including the problematic bass which regular earphones fail to display.

They also have two balanced frame drivers that achieve the super great sound. They are the most normal earphones available and they almost feel like wearing nothing. They will answer your phone, play your music, play a game and attach to almost any media player. Here is a further look at their pro’s but also their cons and find out if it’s the right fit for you or not in full xiaomi mi iv hybrid review.

Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid


They don’t itch

The black sleeves are tightly sealed to the earphone so that they don’t move and give off irritation. These highly sophisticated earphones come with 3 pairs of soft silicone ear tips for extra comfort. If you have a picky ear that itches at each the feel of head phones, then this is for you.

Loud or quiet, you get exactly that

Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones

The hybrid technology used for these cool headsets allows you to play music to the true volume preference that you desire. You don’t have to equalize. The office user will love the slow soft music they get while going about their work. The high school fellow trekking home from a busy school day will enjoy the high-frequency loud tunes clear as if they are in a dance hall and the busy mom going about her house work will still love it. And the better news is that all of them whether they play it loud or soft get a 3D sound effect.

Soft and comfortable

They are not peaky and are super smooth.

The cables are not slippery

One way people lose their headsets is by them slipping out of the pocket and falling off. The xiaomi mi iv hybrid wires have a way of sticking to where you place them.

They don’t fall off

Have you ever felt frenzy after your headsets fall off during an intense workout session? That happens all the time but the xiaomi mi iv hybrid’s hold firmly to your ears so that you can enjoy your session with your favorite tunes without disturbance.

Great overall quality

If you lose your expensive earphones and then consider buying the xiaomi mi iv hybrid only for a short term replacement, you will be surprised at how good these are. You will no longer think about your old set, you will definitely stick to these sets.


They can arrive broken

This happens if you order them from an average distributor. Make sure you purchase them from a renowned seller so that they can ship them safely to you. Gearbest is recommended. Earphones are delicate and require soft inside but strong and durable package material on the outside in order not to get damaged.

Here are a few tips to help you use your earphones comfortably.

Know the right fit

The right fit is probably the biggest reason for bad sound. Lots of people do not know how to fit their ear buds properly but most times they blame it on the brand of an earphone. An obvious sign that your earphones are wrongly fitted is when your sound reflects and feels as if the music is coming from the neighbourhood.

Other signs that your earphones are not properly fitted are when you receive tinny sound if not heavy sound. Also if the ear buds keep slipping out of your ears. If you experience any of these, don’t be in a rush to conclude that your headsets are poor quality; it could be your improper fitting. Here is how to fit your earphones perfectly.

  • Angle them towards the top of the ear canal.
  • Wrap the cables around your ear so that the ear structure is laid out properly for you to insert them without difficulty.
  • Choose cable down ear types like the xiaomi mi iv hybrid for a better seal.
  • Make sure you clean your earphone once in a while especially if you use them for activities that make you sweat a lot.
  • Dirty earphones cause your ears to itch which makes you fumble and tamper with their fitting while using them.

Final Verdict & Conclusion

Three things make a quality earphone. The sound quality, the un irritating material and finding a good fit. xiaomi mi iv hybrid earphones carry the 2 qualities but the 3rd is for you to achieve.

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