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Shoutout to all Gearbest lovers, as the biggest sale of the month, has arrived yet again. It is the “Ulefone Technology Carnival” and the sale discounts are as low as 35% of the original price. Gearbest is giving Ulefone phones promo on Gearbest by providing amazing discounts on all phones and its accessories. This insane offer is valid for each Ulefone product mentioned, and the secondary accessories are free and come with the box. Moreover, the sale is valid for all the colors and model, and not restricted to a single model.

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Ulefone Power 3S

The first product is Ulefone POWER 3S smartphone, with an original price of $229.99. The amazing discounted price after 35% off is $169.99. This model MTK6763 is an octa-core and it comes with a 6-inch screen as well as a 6350mAH battery. It possesses 4GB ram and 64GB ROM. Not to mention, it has gorilla glass. This is the best model of Ulefone lately and no one wants to miss the chance to grab this at such a discount.

ulefone power 3s


Ulefone Armor 2S

The second is the Ulefone ARMOR 2S Smartphone and only 200 units left on sale. It has 16 GB ROM, 2GB Ram and comes with 8 MegaPixel front camera as well as 13 MegaPixel rear camera. It is now available at a modest price of $159.99. It comes in attractive colors of golden, green red and dark grey.


Ulefone Armor 2

The other significant product is ARMOR 2, now available at $239.99. The original price of POWER 2 was $269.99. It is available in Golden color. This model too has brilliant features. The 13 MP back camera, 16 MP front camera, 6 GB Ram and 16 GB ROM are some of the salient features of POWER 2. It also comprises of latest sensors including the fingerprint sensor, E-compass, and proximity sensor.


Ulefone Power 3

The last but not the least of the 4 main smartphones on sale is the POWER 3 4G Phablet, in black color. It used to cost $299.99 but the new price is now $219.99. This is a bumper offer indeed. The storage is same as that of POWER 2, but it has uniqueness in the form of two rear cameras. Moreover, it can also accommodate 2 Nano SIM cards simultaneously.

There are many other products on sale on ulefone phones promo on Gearbest in the below section, including varying sales of 17% waiver, 9% waiver etc on different items. What’s more, the Gold Fruit Game is also included in the promo sale. This will let the customers to enjoy the game and get a chance to win prizes at the same time. The promo on this Gold Fruit Game by Gearbest is icing on the cake. This promo sale on Gearbest is our best chance to win the smartphones we loved, at amazing discounts.

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