UHANS K5000 Review – IP68 Waterproof

UHANS K5000 Review : UHANS is an Android smartphone manufacturing company from China. Little is known about this company as it is just a drop in the bucket of a market saturated with Chinese phone makers. However, what sets UHANS apart from the rest is its easy-to-remember acronym (unique, huge, affordable, new, stylish. The company has experienced reasonable success with sales of their previous smartphone models such as the  UHANS Note 4, S1 and Max 2.

In November 2017, UHANS released a reasonably hyped smartphone called the UHANS K5000. This smartphone is similar to the company’s previous models in the sense that it was made to last in outdoor environments. The first thing to know about this phone is that its price tag is set under $150.

8.4 Total Score
Value for Money!

  • Affordable price
  • Durability
  • Humongous battery capacity
  • Light-weight
  • Not a top-tier smartphone
  • RAM functionality
  • Cameras aren’t the best
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Design and Display

UHANS K5000 Review

The K5000 has a beautiful design for a phone built for durability in withstanding harsh conditions. The left- and right-sides of the phone contain metal strips which reinforce the rubberized plastic of the phone’s casing. The body of the phone is mostly comprised of plastic which reduces the overall weight of the device.

This device has a 5-inch full HD (1080 x 720 with 294 PPI) display protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4. The 16:9 aspect ratio screen supports capacitive and multi-touch. The display looks quite amazing on a 5-inch display. As an added bonus, the screen can withstand falls of up to 1.5 meters.

 Features and Performance

One unique feature of this phone is its walkie-talkie function. At the press of a button, you will be able to communicate with other such devices at a fraction of a cost of a telephone call. You will receive a wider signal coverage, perfect for communicating with your hiking or travelling companions. This phone also sports a built-in navigation system with multiple sensors. The phone’s case protects the device from sand and dust. In addition to screen protection, the phone is able to survive 1.5 meters underwater for up to 30 minutes.

The phone has 3 GB of RAM which is relatively low for modern smartphones. However, the phone makes up for it with 32 GB of internal memory. For gaming, this device is not ideal for playing the latest games. The phone comes pre-installed with Android 7.0 which can be upgradable to later versions.

How’s the Camera and Battery?

UHANS K5000 Camera

The device has a front-facing 5-megapixel Sony camera found on the upper-right corner and 13-megapixel Sony camera with LED flash on the backside. The phone can take pictures of up to 4160 x 3120-pixel resolution and supports full video recording. You can find a range of different camera features, such as face detection, panorama and touch focus.

The phone is powered by a massive 5,000 mAh Sony battery so users don’t have to rely too heavily on charging. Average users will find that this battery can last for three days of normal use. Charging such a large-capacity battery is not a problem with the 5V/2A fast charging support.

Final Verdict

thee bottom line is that the specs on this outdoor adventure phone are amazing at this price range. We can’t expect the best performance or picture quality from this phone, but the durability and unique walkie-talkie function makes it definitely worth noting.

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