Teclast TP2 Review – Cheap Gaming CPU

Teclast TP2 Review

Teclast TP2 gaming computer case provides the solution for gamers, who are looking for low-priced computers for the gaming experience. Whether one uses Gaming-Consoles or Computers Teclast TP2 brings an offer which cannot be resisted. The introductory price of ~$340 brings good value to the money. It comes fitted with Intel Celeron processor. Sufficient Hard-Disk and dedicated RAM will provide unique gaming experience. Designed according to modern trends it comes in the white casing with transparent window panels on the body. Being the right product for budget consumers it is the hot deal in the market.check out full Teclast TP2 Review.

What’s Inside Case

Being part of the Intel Celeron family it is armed with G3900 Dual Core 2.8GHz, 8GT/s, which brings enhanced performance with the muscle to do multitasking. One can run multiple applications simultaneously with faster processing time.

510 Intel HD Graphic card provides good video quality. Whether a user wants to watch a video or play a game, it will offer amazing visuals. Graphic design is the key factor and USP for developers. Powered by Intel 510, TP2 graphics score 540 at 3Dmark.

Prompt operation and ultimate gaming experience backed by Kingston 4GB DDR4 RAM, which also guarantees good internet speed. It provides gaming experience much better than other gaming consoles in the market.

Teclast TP2 Review

Being sick of low disk-space pop-ups? Teclast TP2 brings you 1 TB of Hard-Disk space. You may save videos, games OR use it to store other data. 1 TB Seagate Hard-Disk will provide a solution to all your needs.

Equipped with 2 USB and 1 VGA slots it also provides you RJ45 connector. The headphone and microphone connectors enable you to experience good audio. While playing games, it will allow the user to communicate with other players sitting on the other side of the screen.

Weighing around 5 KG, the volumetric dimension of the product is around 31 cubic centimeters approx., which is easy to handle and move around.


  • Economically suitable for gamers who want gaming-computers.
  • Intel Celeron family for reliability.
  • 4 GB RAM with 1 TB hard disk for smooth gameplay and abundant storage capacity.
  • 510 HD Graphic-Card provides you crystal clear display.
  • Compact design thus occupies minimal space.
  • Need to mention, it has a sleek design and is ideal for those looking for a touch of elegance.

Teclast TP2 Grphics


  • Cheaper Gaming-Consoles available in the market.
  • Constant up gradation requires for hardware & software.
  • Increased probability of hardware malfunction.
  • No Split-Screen. Hence, no multi-player option.
  • No HDMI port, which deprives the user to connect with larger screens, such as Television.

Final Verdict And Pricing

Regardless of the fact that Consoles are easier to use and cheaper, hard-core gamers prefer gaming computers because of gameplay and other features. Teclast TP2 provides a variety of reasons for consumers to opt for it. Overall it is a smart package deal, at a fair price that provides the user with an ultimate gaming experience as compared to other products. It is a multi-tasking device, which brings reliability, affordability, and durability. Recommended for passionate gamers, who are just entering the Arena. Roll up your sleeves and get your fingers tapping.

Coming to Price, The Teclast TP2 Gaming Computer costs around  ~$340 at the Presale Of Gearbest Website which has Good Reputation in Online Shopping Front, but there are some Shipping Fees on this product.

Teclast TP2


Teclast TP2 Review – Cheap Gaming CPU
  • Great Price.
  • Excellent Design.
  • Not For Heavy Gaming.
  • DOS OS.
  • Lack Of GPU.


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