SJcam SJ7 Star 4K WiFi Review

SJCAM SJ7 Star 4K WiFi – it is a svelte 4k Action Camera that delivers stunning and crispy detailed videos and photographs. It’s a beautiful and sturdy camera that is enclosed with aluminum, which gives it a more solid look and a sleek feel. Below is a detailed SJCAM SJ7 STAR review.

7.5 Total Score

  • Perfectly records 4K-Videos.
  • Its touchscreen is very sensitive. It responds at the slightest tap of the fingertip.
  • It comes with a waterproof case.
  • Has a customizable area of view.
  • Connects to Wi-Fi.
  • It has an external microphone and built in speaker.
  • Its aluminum frame can get very hot especially during long recording sessions.
  • The 4K-Footage is not stabilized.
  • The battery life isn’t that great.
  • The Gyro-stabilization sensor works only with 1080P.
  • Images cannot be rotated through 180 degrees.
  • It does not have the digital zoom feature.
  • Settings such as Adjustable Field Of View, Scene and Color are missing.
SJCam SJ7 Star

Main Features and Performance

SJcam SJ7 Star 4K WiFi

SJ7 is equipped with CMOS Sensor and an Ambarella processor which deliver 12- MP image resolution.

  • It’s designed with in-built 2-inch touchscreen that is convenient to use Has a 166-degree super-wide angle field of view.
  • It supports motion detection.
  • The camera supports remote control. You can view, film and photograph easily from anywhere at any time.
  • It Supports Wi-Fi connection. You can share photographs and video clips with anyone, anywhere at anytime.
  • It has Collar-Clip external Microphone which adds vividness to videos.
  • The Acceleration Sensor and Gyro anti shake sensor are used to stabilize motion.
  • Has a 64GB extended storage slot for Micro SD Card.
  • Provides the user with multiple options. You can take a motion shot, selfie, film, photograph, a night shot among others.

What all it has to offer?

Sjcam SJ7 Star is a versatile camera that offers a myriad of fun. In terms of performance, Sjcam SJ7 Star action camera 4k is designed with the world-class Ambarella MPU, a hardware that aids infinite motion.

The Ambarella processor enhances the camera’s omnidirectional performance. Darkness and brightness can be separated by increasing the dynamic contrast leading to ultra-sharp photographs.

The 2.0 inch LCD touchscreen displays all features at the tap of the fingertip. The camera has an easy and simple to use user interface. Action Camera 4K allows you to record high-quality professional clips at 30 FPS ; four times sharper and clearer than the 1080p .The tiny 166-degree wide angled lens provides the user with a wide viewing range for detailed and stunning visual impact. With SJ7 Camera, you will get the most out of just a small shot. SJ7 captures image in JPEG with an image resolution of up to 16MP. The video format is MP4 with resolution of up to 1080p and 120 fps.


For long and enjoyable photography and recording sessions, this camera has a very long battery life. The in-built battery with 1000mAh capacity allows users to record clips for 1 hour and 20 minutes when the camera is at full resolution. The battery which has a dual electricity-circuit protection on the inside for an easier and longer Full High Definition camera experience can be charged by an AC adapter, a car charger and USB chord via the PC.

For videographers and photographers who want to deliver detailed, stunning clips but are on budget, Sjcam SJ7 is the best camera choice.

SJCam SJ7 Star



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