Segotep K7 Review – ATX Gaming Case with Tempered Glass

Segotep k7 gaming case is a highly advanced gaming case featuring a tampered glass as well as RGB lighting. The case features a strong and durable construction ensuring it will last for a long time without wearing off. Its design is highly appealing and cool features to keep your system functioning. Let’s find if it is the right fit for you or not in the full Segotep K7 Review below.

Segotep K7 Tempered Glass ATX Gaming Case

Features of Segotep K7 Gaming Case

It is fitted with 4x 120mm RGB fans- The RGB fans three times in the front and once in the back to ensure adequate air flow. The fans are also pre-connected to a hub that enables you to alter effects or change colors according to your preference using the IO. It also features a big PSU shield

Packaging– It is packaged well with a sturdy double box to ensure it is protected. The interior packaging comprises of padding to hold everything in a secure manner. Furthermore, the sides of the glass panels are shrink wrapped to ensure adequate protection.

Segotep K7 Review

Easy to use- The case comes with a clear and simple to read manual that guides beginners on how to set it up. T is also equipped with a cleaning cloth which you can use to wipe fingerprints that get stuck on the glass. You can very easily put it up together within no time.

Proper cooling is an important part of a gaming case. The case has a quality fan that facilitates proper airflow allowing the gadget to cool down. The additional fan ports further facilitate circulation of air ensuring that you system remains cool and functional all the time. With this case, you will not need to worry about overheating of your gadget or the system getting damaged as the case features a high-performance build.

Design– the case is made using a modern elegant design that is highly appealing. The case comes with cool extra features including the LED lighting that further enhance its appeal. It’s clear panel is stunning and you will not be ashamed to carry it.

Cable Management– The case is easy to work with as it is designed to give effective cable management.

Appropriate size and Weight– The case is lightweight weight approximately 3.5000 kg and with a size of about 39.50 x 18.00 x 41.00 cm. The size of the case ensures it can store all of your components and leave some room that can be used in case you make future upgrades.

Magnet dust filters– It is equipped with magnet dust filter that are strategically placed on the top to trap all dust particles keeping your system clean and functional.

Segotep k7 Gaming Case

Extra features– It can support 7 unit 120mm fan, 158mm CPU radiator, 240mm water cooling kit and 380mm graphic card

0.8mm tempered glass– It has a fully tempered black glass on its sides and front for extra protection and functionality. The glass is not easily destroyed yet it is highly appealing and makes the case look more high quality.

Final Verdict

The design of Segotep k7 gaming case considered the needs of users from every conceivable angle. No other gaming case offers this combination of functionality, versatility, durability and safety at this price. Make an informed decision to use the Segotep k7 gaming case and enjoy high-quality performance and a competitive price.

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