PIPO X11S Mini PC Review

While looking for a great PC that fuses functionality and elegance, chances are you will search for eternity without ever finding one. However, there is a great PC that appears to have been designed with the final user in mind – the PIPO X11S Mini PC review.

This high-performance mini PC comes with a great processor that makes your streaming and video watching more like a breeze. Read on through this PIPO X11S Mini PC review to find out more reasons why this great gadget offers value for your money.

How’s the Design And Display?

PIPO X11S review

The very first thing to like about this product is its high-sensitive 8.9-inch PLS touchscreen. Coupled with the 1280 x 800 resolution, you can vouch for the clarity of images on this PC.

With such a huge resolution, your experience watching movies will be truly remarkable as you won’t be treated to the common problems of blurry images and cloudy screens as is seen with other low-quality PCs out there.

Remember, a great screen resolution also has a bearing on your eyes’ health, which is the more reason why you need to choose this gadget.

The product also comes in a dedicated and refined design that adds to its visual appeal. With this, it scores fairly high both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Overall, the design is compact and portable.

Features And Performance

High Processing Speed – Another feature worth mentioning in this PC is the high processing capabilities. This is made possible by the Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 as well as the 1.92 GHz frequency that makes operation fairly easy even for new users.

With this feature, you can run your programs, download content and do pretty much anything without worrying that your device will hang.

Huge Storage Capacity – A huge storage capacity in a PC is just as important as the speed of the gadget. And speaking of storage volume, the PIPO X11S Mini PC comes with a whopping 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM that enables you to exchange and store lots of media files and even your college research assignments.

From videos to music files and even graphic, there is no limit to how much content you can store on this mini-PC before you can run out of storage space.

Compatibility – It is also important to mention that the PC is compatible with certain operating systems such as Windows 10 and Android 5.1. This means that you can change between these operating systems without worrying about losing any data or features.


>Fairly high memory storage

>Multifunctional as it can be used at home and in workplaces, for education and in catering events etc.

>High screen resolution


The only drawback to this product is the fact that it does not use a 5G Wi-Fi


Overall, the PIPO X11S Mini PC is a perfect product for those looking for something stylish to carry around while still enjoying it’s high processing speed and large memory storage.

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