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Martian A8 Review – With 256 GB SSD !

Update - 2017.01.27

Looking for a notebook with all high-speed data processing with great compatibility? here is the new Martian A8 by Martian Team with Spectacular specifications and with the cool and elegant design.check out the full Martian A8 Review Below.

9.3 Total Score
Very Good Laptop For Excellent Price

Light, good looking, latest CPU, very good price. The display may not be in the best class, but very good. keyboard with backlight and quite comfortable for use

Build Quality
  • Great Display
  • Excellent Specifications
  • Battery Life
  • Technical Support
  • Build Quality
Martian A8 Notebook

Martian A8 Review – With 256 GB SSD !

Martian A8 Review

The Martian A8 is a middle-level laptop featuring a 13.3 inch full HD IPS display. It’s clearly made for those who want efficient performance at an affordable price. The notebook’s main selling point is the ability to include an Intel Core i7 processor for just around $600 or cheaper. As with most laptops, the Martian A8 has a design which is comfortable for those who are constantly on the move. But unlike many of its competitors, it doesn’t detract from essential features in order to make itself portable and is useful for a variety of purposes that even the most detail-oriented person will appreciate.


Martian A8 256GB 1

About Martian

Now, Martian is a brand that many will not have heard of. It’s of Chinese origin and a relatively new addition to the laptop market. Martian doesn’t focus specifically on budget laptops or state-of-the-art devices. Rather, they’re well known for keeping a balanced strategy, offering great performance at prices which don’t break the bank. The Martian A8 is a great example of their business strategy. The question is, does it fit the price tag it gives itself?

Martian A8 Review

What It Makes Better!

  • Design

Most models of the Martian A8 will come with a sleek silver finish, on top of an aluminum alloyed back. The rear of the screen sports Martians traditional logo. The sides of the notebook have all the essential sockets and plugs you’ll see on most laptops. For example, you get an HDMI port, an SD card slot, an Ethernet port and a USB 3.0 slot on the right -hand side, whilst the left features a single USB 2.0 slot, a 3.5mm headphone jack as well as a DC jack. Pretty standard stuff, as far as notebooks go, and no standout features here. Sounds great, right? I know.

The overall size of the laptop is approximately 32cm wide and 22cm long with only 1.5cm of thickness. More importantly, it only weights 1.5 kg, making it extremely portable. This is particularly refreshing in an age where some manufacturers like to make their laptops so big and bulky that they forget the main selling point of laptops in the first place, their portability. The Martian A8 won’t be the lightest laptop you’ll have encountered, but it’s pretty damn close.

  • Display

The Martian A8’s display is pretty modern and is probably one of its standout features for its price. As mentioned before, it features a 13.3-inch display with provides full HD resolutions (1920×1080) and a 16:9 display ratio. As far as laptops go, it’s definitely on the higher end displays you’ll see on the market, and will provide quality graphics whether you’re watching your favorite TV shows, movies or videos.

  • CPU

Here’s another feature that makes the Martian A8 a great bargain for its price. You’re able to get it with different types Intel Core CPUs, ranging from the i3 to the i7. If you get a model with an i7 processor, that’s a ton of power in such a small machine, making it perfectly capable of playing high-quality movies and even running some medium end games. You’re unlikely to find a laptop which can fit an i7 processor at such a price, and as such, this is definitely one of the Martian A8’s key features. In addition to that, it also comes with up to 8GB DDR3 RAM and a decent space size of 128GB.

  • Miscellaneous Features

One concern with the Martian A8 is its battery life. Although it comes with a lot of amazing hardware, a relatively small 2,520 mAh battery only keeps the notebook running for up to six hours without plugging in the charger.

Martian A8 256GB

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is it possible to expand the Notebook's RAM?

Yes, you can.

Can the graphics card handle playing Star Wars Battlefront well?

Of course, it plays well.


Final Verdict

And also bear in mind that when purchasing Martian product, you’re dealing with a Chinese brand. Now, this doesn’t mean the laptop is likely to be poorly made, as you’d expect from stereotypical Chinese goods. As you’ve just seen, the Martian A8 is actually better than most of its competitors when it comes to the quality of its specs at its price point. However, what you’d shouldn’t expect is the same level of technical support as you’ll get with major brands like Dell or Lenovo.

Furthermore, you may encounter difficulty with changing any of the software on the notebook due to the presence of specific firmware. There are ways to modify the firmware, but doing so will void your warranty, so it’s really not recommended.

Price & Best Place to Buy

As far as the pricing is concerned, the Presale Price is around ~$600 on various E-Commerce stores. And we do recommend you going with the Gearbest E-Commerce Portal as they are among those who have very good reputation among other Chinese E-Commerce portals just after the likes of Alibaba portal Aliexpress.

Check out the Flash Discount Link below and grab the deal as soon as possible as these are limited.

Martian A8 Notebook

Martian A8 Review – With 256 GB SSD !



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