Lenovo HW01 Plus Review – Smartband with Sports Tracker

Lenovo has already introduced its most recent smartwatch in the market – HW01 Plus Smart Wrist Band. Lenovo is popularly been known for coming up with some of the best technological devices at pocket-friendly prices. This is what it continues to assure its prospects with its latest Lenovo HW01 Plus(check price). This Lenovo HW01 takes you to a whole new level of advancement with its attractive design and sound performance. let’s find out if it is the right fit for you and priced good or not in the full Lenovo HW01 Plus review.

8.5 Total Score
Decent but not the Best!

With the likes of Sports Tracker at good price, this is definitely a nice device to add to your list.

  • It helps in taking fitness related readings, including heart rate monitoring, burning of calories, etc.
  • It is lighter on the wrist.
  • Long battery life
  • The date and time of the device are wrongly displayed unless you connect it to Lenovo Smart Bracelet app.
  • Music control feature may require a frequent software update.
Lenovo HW01 Plus Smartband

Lenovo HW01 Plus – Features


The Silicone strap with a stainless steel buckle enhances the overall look of the smartwatch. The device has a UV coating with a scratch-resistant glass in it. The OLED display not only helps users to receive messages instantly but also offers a clear display in the sunlight. The silicone strap offers a better grip to users as it is attached from the main hardware. Unlike other watches, Lenovo HW01 Plus is lighter, weighing 22 grams only.

Lenovo HW01 Plus


Though it’s the design of a device that catches a person’s attention, its configuration is equally important if not more. The 85 mAh Li-Po battery offers five-day battery life to the new Lenovo smartwatch. It is hugely compatible with both Android and iOs devices. Low-power 4.2 BT chip makes the device best for use in healthcare and fitness industry. The chip and 3D acceleration sensor help in taking precise readings, including the number of calories burnt.


The incorporation of features like low energy chip makes the device maintain a robust performance. Lenovo HW01 Plus has been designed to track your sleep and also monitor your fitness achievements. The calories burnt, pictures clicked, messages received, etc. are some of the performance parameters that depict the high performance of the device.


Heart rate sensor is a unique feature that is found in Lenovo HW01 Plus. The device also has an activity tracking application to allow it to count user steps, measure distance travelled and keep on counting the calories burned. You can set alarms and also get frequent repetitions with vibrations. Selfie facilities along with social sharing platforms work ideally. The device also has support for Apple HelathKit and Google Fit.

Safety, Durability & Warranty

Lenovo’s latest smartwatch is water-resistant. Hence, you need not worry if you are stuck in the rains. It is a dustproof device too. The find phone option is an important safety feature as it helps you to find your phone if you miss it somewhere in a hurry. The smartwatch is tough and durable yet comes with one-year warranty. You get a manual when you buy the device to understand the working of it. In the box, you also find a charging unit like any other electronic device you buy.


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