How’s the Lenovo Cardio Plus Review – HX03W Smartband

Lenovo Cardio plus review – : SmartbandĀ have become a trend nowadays in the market. At one hand there are smart watches which are available at high pay, for example, Samsung and Fitbit, whereas on the other there are many companies which are offering almost the same quality and features at lower rates. Lenovo Cardio plus HX03W smart band is one of those electronic watches that provides durability, stiffness and a bunch of functions that are important for your daily life health maintenance. It is embedded with heart rate monitor, data synchronization, social media apps connected to keep you up with the social media, etc. And, all that comes at a very decent price.

Just like every product of this type, this smart band also comes with some useful specifications and functions. Each of them are defined briefly for your knowledge:


Lenovo Cardio Plus review

It has a heart rate monitor to keep you updated with your heart rate. This product is one of the best options to go with if you are concerned and prescribed by your doctor to be more interested than usual.

What makes this smart band beautiful is its slim design. And, despite this fact it has a good battery life, one charge gives you a battery life of 7 days.

It uses a Nordic 52832 chip which makes it a performing, flexible and fast device to play.

Another feature that needs your attention is its big screen of 0.96 inches i.e., full OLED. You can interact easily through this filter.

The Lenovo Cardio Plus has a direct standard USB charging port. It is quite clear that Lenovo is doing well, it has covered this port with a removable cover to make it look like there is nothing beneath. Also, the smart band has a waterproof grade for your different sports demands.

Lenovo Cardio Plus Smartband


The functions of this Lenovo cardio smart band are a plus. Each of these
is defined for your information:

Its features start with the anti-sleep mode. It is one of the essential element that has made the lives of people quite easier. If you set your routine in it for your night shift, it warns you to avoid sleep through a vibration.

You can also monitor your heart through heart rate monitoring function and set your exercise goals with the help of motion reminder function.

Lenovo cardio monitors your sleep schedules through sleep monitor function. Now, you can check out that how well you are doing with your routine, is it good or bad?

It also makes it possible for you to share the data on social media application like facebook,wechat, and QQ.

It is however concluded, that despite the fact of smart bands available in an abundance of qualities and quantities, this one is a worth to buy at this affordable price of $30.

Lenovo Cardio Plus Smartband

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