Leagoo Kiicaa Power Review

If you are in the smartphone market and are in the hunt for an affordable and easy to use smartphone then you may need not search any further. The Leagoo kiicaa Power 3G smartphone would be the ideal choice for you. It looks sleek and stylish with a design that puts it above its competitors at the same price range. (please keep in mind that if Ringosoft team is showing the positive points of such smartphones then we are considering the price segment at utmost priority for these kind of budget smartphones and hence we put our opinions considering that and we are not at all biased towards the product)

The smartphone producers of the same are rather new to the smartphone industry but have produced other smartphones that are top of the range such as the Leagoo M8 among others. At the price of $69.99, the phone is an affordable one. let’s go into an in-depth leagoo kiicaa power review of the features and options of the device.


  • The smartphone is very light making carrying it a real ease.
  • The display is very decent thus good for watching videos
  • It has three cameras. One on the front and two at the back. The dual cameras at the back are convenient as each is adapted differently.
  • It has a slim and sleek design making it look sophisticated
  • The gorilla glass is good for protection of the phone.
  • It has a 4000mAh battery that can last log giving you service for longer when off power.


  • The manufacturer is new to the market making the product untested largely.
  • It is not fully unlocked for worldwide use and hence it does not work in some network frequencies of some countries. make sure to check for yours on Gearbest portal.
  • It cannot access 4G networks giving it and this is a fact that makes it outdated.

Leagoo Kicaa Power

Design and Display

Leagoo Kiicaa Power review

The display is a crystal clear five inch IPS 1280 by 720p HD display boasting of a vast array of colors. 16 million to be precise. This presents crystal clear images on the screen for gaming, watching movies and watching videos. As screen protection, it has Corning gorilla glass. This is tough glass that rarely cracks unless under extreme stress. It is also very resistant to scratches ensuring your crystal clear display maintains its crystal clarity.

The phone is mainly made from plastic and a bit of zinc alloy. It comes mainly in black or dark grey. It is fairly slim at only a few millimetres thick. This makes it look sleek and sophisticated making it a good accessory. It has a fingerprint scanner as do most smartphones these days at the back. The rear of the phone looks really nice with the rear twin cameras side by side. The smartphone is essentially gorgeous and at 0.1560kg, quite light.

Features and Performance

The Leagoo Kiicaa Power  3G smartphone boasts of an MTK6580A Quad-core processor operating at 1.3GHz. This is a pretty powerful processor capable of handling numerous tasks simultaneously. Coupled with a 2GB RAM, there is infinite possibilities to the amount of information that the smartphone can process. The smartphone clearly does not suffer from the continuous and pesky “hangs” that other smartphones in the same price-range suffer from.

This makes it a phone that will become more like a companion. It operates on the latest version of android, the android 7.0 It uses Bluetooth 4.0 which is the most efficient Bluetooth available currently. This will make a connection with you Bluetooth devices such as speakers, headphones and home theatres a charm. It has a micro USB slot. It boasts of 16 GB internal memory and can be expanded externally up to 128GB, not inclusive of the 16GB, via a micro SD card slot. It comes as standard with ambient light sensors, gravity sensors and proximity sensors.

It uses numerous network types inclusive in 2G and 3G networks. It, however cannot attain 4G internet connectivity unlike most smartphones within the same price range. The phone comes with numerous languages already encoded.

Camera and Battery

The Leagoo Kiicaa Power boasts of a top of the range 4000 mAh battery. This type of battery should last almost 24 hours while the phone is in use. The major issue among smartphones if the fact that the battery always gets drained too fast well not in this smartphone.

The phone also has two rear cameras. One with 5 MP and the other with 8 MP. Photos to be taken are vastly dealer’s choice. The front camera is 5mp for exquisite selfies. The front camera is also wide angled so you can squeeze in a lot of people in the same selfie. it is also important to know that he rear cameras can record high-quality videos as well.

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