Leagoo KIICAA Mix Review

After a lot of talks about its variants and bezel-less display, Leagoo KIICAA Mix is finally here.  It’s a smartphone which manages to impress through it’s design, features and price tag. With a beautiful 5.5″ bezel-less display, dual camera setup and a fast octa-core processor, there are few reasons not to consider this smartphone. Furthermore, it’s compatible with the most 3G and 4G frequencies worldwide, and it even comes with a neatly-placed 13MP front-facing camera. If you want to know more about this mysterious new smartphone, then continue reading our full  Leagoo Kicaa mix review.

8.7 Total Score
Nicely Priced!

Design & Display
Features & Performance
Camera & Battery
  • Innovative new-age design
  • Great price tag
  • Great hardware
  • Only 3GB of RAM
  • Processor Frequency for heavy games
  • Takes a little time to get used to

Design & Display

Leagoo Kiicaa Mix Review

Without doubt, the key selling point of this device is it’s 5.5″ Full HD bezel-less display. The display has been created in conjunction with SHARP company and has amazing color reproduction and pixel density. When holding the phone in your hand it’s display pops up instantly allowing you to immediately see any missed social activities as well as date and time.

As stated by the official leaflet of the phone, color reproduction is of 95% gamut. This means that the device is capable to recreate 95% of the color shades seen by human eye. This is an impressive performance and it makes it a strong competitor even for AMOLED-powered displays. And if you feel the need to compare the design of this phone with a popular model, have a look at Xiaomi MI Mix. However, when compared to Xiaomi MI Mix, Leagoo KIICAA Mix has the advantage of smaller dimensions (more pocketable, easier to use with one hand) and lower price tag, all while still having high-end specs.

Features & Performance

– Android 7.0 out of the box

Leagoo KIICAA Mix comes with the latest Android version out of the box, which means it will save you from the hassle of upgrading entire software in the nearby time. Consequently, Android 7.0 provides you with the latest security patches, a smooth interface and the latest optimizations in terms of graphics and battery life.

– Decent RAM and ROM

This device gives you 3GB of Ram and 32GB of Internal Memory to begin with. It should be enough for most users, and will allow you to breeze through a variety of tasks and play just about any game you want. If you feel that the internal memory is too low for the desired videos and music, then you can also attach a TF card of up to 256gb and continue the fun.

– Home button that doubles as fingerprint ID

leagoo kicaa mix front

Apple Touch ID is one of the most praised unlocking features out there, and Leagoo managed to copy this feature very well in the KIICAA Mix. It is very easy to use and doubles as home button, thus providing you the security you need. It’s nothing like the Samsung Galaxy S8 where the fingerprint sensor it’s awkwardly placed right besides the camera while also being too small.

– 13 MP front facing camera, plus Dual-camera setup

leagoo mix

Are you a fan of selfies? If so, then the Leagoo KIICAA Mix review will easily amaze you. It has a 13MP front facing camera which is neatly situated in the lower portion of the device. This camera comes with plenty of features such as beauty effects, instant snap, ultra-wide selfie and more. Furthermore, the dual camera setup in the back enables for great aperture, HDR effect, Enhanced low lighting mode and more.

– Great when it comes to power consumption

LEAGOO has decided to go with a non-swappable 3000 mah battery in this model; one which is manufactured by renowned LG. Thus, it comes with intelligent features such as overheat protection, slim design and support for Quick Charge 2.0. You will find that the phone easily lasts you through the entire day thanks to this configuration and the balanced hardware.

Pros & Cons list

-Pro: Innovative new-age design

This phone is a stand-out whenever you take it out of the pocket, so you will use it with great pleasure every time. It’s also quite slim at only 7.9mm, and is not heavy either. Everything is well-thought, from the dual-purpose home button to the dual-camera setup and the neatly-hidden proximity sensors.

-Pro: Great price tag

This phone is truly cheap, costing only 140$ with free shipping in the current pre-ordering phase. Pre-orders will be honored starting with September 2017, so those who make an order now will be the first to get their hands on this device.

-Pro: Great hardware

Thanks to the well-performing processor and the new-generation video chip along with Android 7.0 implementation, this device manages to score 41,000 points in Antutu benchmarking application, a score which is better than 70% of smartphones. Therefore, you are buying a device which should keep up with current mobile trends for at least 2 more years.

Con: Only 3GB of RAM

3GB of RAM is great for those who use maximum 5 apps at a time, but if we go beyond this number then the phone will start to feel slower, so one will have to wait until Android closes some of the app’s cache or close the apps manually. We feel that the device would have been better off with 4GB of RAM, which allows one to successfully multi-task between 8 apps at a time, and use graphic-intensive apps a little better.

Con: Processor Frequency for heavy games

The processor is tacked at 1.5GHz, which is a little low if you ask us, yet great for battery life. Considering that it’s an octa-core processor it should be great for most tasks and games, but we feel that a processor tacked at 2.0GHz or more would have truly unleashed the beast and allow one to play resource-heavy games such as GTA San Andreas at maximum graphic settings without lag. Nevertheless, any game will play perfectly well at medium settings.

Con: Takes a little time to get used to

When upgrading from an older smartphone, this model takes a little bit of time to get used with. The bezel-less display is indeed a great idea, but the fact that it places the selfie camera and the proximity sensor below the display will have you switch the model over a lot within first days. But after first week of using it, anyone should be highly accommodated with the features of Leagoo KIICAA Mix.


Leagoo KIICAA Mix is a great smartphone. Perhaps it’s most impressive feature is the display, with great consideration to screen-to-body ratio and fingerprint sensor placement. The hardware inside will not let you down, and the price tag should come as affordable to most people. After all, flagships from Apple and Samsung cost 7 times more than the KIICAA Mix. Therefore, we give this device a thumbs up and recommend it to our readers if they want to explore the likes of the bezel-less display without costing a bomb.

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