JBMMJ MJ8500 Review – Budget Earphones with Clear Bass

The JBMMJ MJ8500 is not just another pair of earphones, but a well known and complimented.

8.8 Total Score
Budget Friendly!

Design & Build
Sound Quality
  • With the pricing range, you will be surprised by the quality of the content's sound, material and comfort
  • The bass and treble is perfect, there are no disturbances or trembling of it being worn out
  • Despite the fact of the cord, that is obsolete with the easily affordable price range being so inexpensive and easily replaceable/affordable
  • The only downfall could be due to how vulnerable you are to connect only via the physical wire
  • Fast and hasty movements without being careful might have the cord tangle or get ripped out of the media device
JBMMJ MJ8500 Clear Bass Dynamic In-ear Earphones

The Design & Build Quality of JBMMJ MJ8500

JBMMJ MJ8500 Clear Bass Dynamic In-ear Earphones

The ear piece has a sleek design, having it have a comfortable for in your ears.The JBMMJ MJ8500 is designed as an in-ear ear piece, to remain in place whilst cancelling out all sound as well as contain all sound being listened to. The ear piece connects physically wired via a male audio input, making it applicable to various audio devices such as:- Computers- Portable Media Player- Mobile PhoneThe ear piece is designed with a dynamic type driver accelerating its quality. The pricing for this product is underrated compared to the outcome of the quality.

The Perceived/Reviewed Comfort Of The JBMMJ MJ8500

The JBMMJ MJ8500 is designed to fit perfectly comfortable in your ear. No hassle with the ear-piece falling out or hurting your ear in anyway.The rubbers are soft and cushioning causing no harm.The ear-piece is easy to carry around or to store whether you are home or not.The size is perfect every time when you need to easily make use of the ear-piece in any daily activity.The flexibility and length allows freedom for motion.

The Sound Quality Reviewed Of The JBMMJ MJ8500

The JBMMJ MJ8500 has an amazing method used to enhance the quality of the sound. They have rubber at the tip of each earphone, left and right. By doing this, they cancel all sound out and have you focused mainly on what is heard.The dynamic sound of bass and treble clarity makes this the quality product its known for. The fact that you have no disturbances that can surround you and you can solely focus on your mobile activity. The ability to distinguish the differences between various instruments flirts with the fact that its an in-ear surround sound system.


Final Verdict

Its affordable, accessible, has great material. The feedback about the content is equally as pleasing as the ear-piece. The design has been created with the correct research and studies done proven by its quality. The ear-piece quality is to such a vivid extent, that it compliments and enhances the audio being played.

It is easy to distinguish the qualities between the effectiveness of this in-ear ear-piece in comparison with other earphones or headphones.
I am very impressed with the subliminal detail given to the qualities of comfort, sound and material.I will overall rate the ear-piece with an magnificent 4.7 star rating, given the price.

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