HIGOLE GOLE1 Plus Review – Mini PC With Cherry Trail T3 Z8350

Encased in a very attractive colored-golden aluminum chassis, the HIGOLE GOLE1 Plus Mini PC is a device which can bring a fast and a lower WIFI interfering performance. The PC also has a small design. Hence, it can enable an individual to carry it in a suit case.

The features of the Gole1 Plus Mini PC:

The battery life 

When used consistently, the HIGOLE battery will last for three to four hours. However, it can take longer if the Pc is acting like a server and the screen is off. In hours, the average battery life is two years.

It has an OS of windows 10 

The user can enjoy advanced functioning of windows 10 OS. As a result, it will bring using experience surprise.

Design with a 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity

The device has an easy pairing of most of the devices which are Bluetooth enabled.

Higole Gole1 Plus Mini PC

A memory of 128G/64G ROM AND 4G-LPDDR

The ROM which the PC h will give an individual more space for downloading favorite apps utilized for playing games, watching movies and browsing websites.

Technical specifications of the Mini PC:

  • screen size of 5-inches
  • screen resolution of 720×1280 IPS
  • An Intel mobile CPU of 1.83GHZ
  • 64 GB hard drive
  • The item model number is GOLE 1
  • The product dimension is 3.54×0.8×5.3 inches
  • The item weight is 1.6 pounds
  • The processors’ brand is Intel

The customer’s reviews about the product

Because of its functionality, most of the clients have liked the HIGOLE GOLE1 plus Mini PC. According to one of the reviewers, the 720 x 1280 touch screen display provides rich images, accurate touch response and bright PC. While watching a movie, colors such as red and blue will glow. Consequently, some gravity will pop out. Furthermore, the grout in brick wall fine details is prominent and sharp.

The dual, front-facing speakers are very loud enough. In fact, it can fill a small room when it is adjusted to maximum volume. Even tough the vocals are clear, the guitar and percussion is tiny.

Deals and discounts 

One can get a Good Presale Discount when the appliance is bought from Gearbest.




The excellent features highlighted are compelling. The device is of great use as it can serve the purpose of connecting to the home theater or TV. Alternatively, the HIGOLE GOLE1 plus Mini PC can be turn into a mobile server for computing purposes. Thus, it can open to a world of new possibilities. Therefore, one should buy the HIGOLE GOLE1 plus Mini PC and it will figure out the needs of a business or a home. This will be of great help to every user who would like to enjoy the services offered by the PC.

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7.5 Total Score

  • A Colorful Display.
  • Great Price.
  • Dual Boots Windows and Android
  • Charging Issues.
  • It has an Occasional Lag.


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