FuriBee VR01 Review – 5.8G FPV Goggles

Update - 2017.02.13

FuriBee VR01 Review

The Virtual Reality(VR) is the new massive and full of entertaining technology.there are many Great VR Headsets like Oculus Rift are already ruled the market.also now a day everyone is using Quadcopter for capturing aerial pics as well as for video shoot and of course for entertainment.so we have picked a new VR device which can be used with Quadcopter for ultimate entertainment.check out full FuriBee VR01 Review Below.

The FuriBee VR- 01 FVP is the latest and extraordinary product in the market to show the world a new Horizon of Virtual Reality. The FuriBee VR01 FVP consists of a 4.3-inch non – blue screen packed in a strong plastic casing with video receiver and two antennas, and it has physical buttons for channel or video selection.
The quality of the device is pretty good compared to other similar products in the market and users who are using VR for the first time will find it absolutely superb.

FuriBee VR01 Review

What’s Inside The Box


  • Screen: 4.3 inch
  • Resolution : 480 x 272Lens
  • Material: PMMA.2.8x lens
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Product weight: almost 250 grams.
  • Antennas: 5.8 GHz FPV tuned antennas
  • Operating Current: 2 – 3S
  • Operating voltage : 7 – 23 V DC
  • Battery: Can be used from 520 mAh to 2200 mAh.

Contents Of Package

  • Goggles.
  • Antennas (2 nos.)
  • A.V cable.
  • Power cords.
  • User Manual.


Furibee VR01 FVP comes pre-assembled. The only thing the user has to do is attach the battery and plug in the antennas.The power cable is almost equal to 25 inches and you can conveniently put the battery in your backpack or in your pockets instead of holding it.

FuriBee VR01 FPV


  • Compact Size: The size and weight of the goggles are the best part. The foam inside is very comfortable and fits completely and easily
  • Auto Searching Capacity: The goggles have a good feature of auto searching videos and channels.
  • Menu: The menu button allows you to change the videos manually. The menu button helps in adjusting color, brightness, contrast, etc.
  • The VR 01 has 40 video channels. The device has an ability to quickly shift channels manually. You also have the option to change the frequency band.
  • The Power Cable is a long wire having lead ends for connection to the batteries. The only thing is one needs to plug in the battery carefully since the grooves on the connector are not clearly described. There is no dedicated slot for battery placement although.
  • The FuriBee VR 01 is an amazing FPV system for beginners but it lacks the function of DVR.A DVR helps us in recording our flights and share with our friends. The good part, however, is that one can easily modify and add FPV DVR for a really cheap price.

Final Verdict And Pricing

The Furibee VR 01 is an amazing product at a fair price. It does not have that high definition screen but the quality is excellent. The device is extremely easy to setup and easy to use. The screen is not too small and neither too big. The goggles are great for indoor use even while using the circular antennas. It is built out of good material and foam that helps in the perfect fitting of the goggles.You can get these goggles at all the leading electronics stores and of course on online sites. Lastly, i would like to recommend these goggles for at least the new-bees who have not dealt with VR before.

FuriBee VR01 FPV Goggles


FuriBee VR01 Review – 5.8G FPV Goggles
9.8 Total Score
Great Budget FPV Goggles

For the price, you can't really beat these goggles

Build Quality
  • Good Price
  • Comfortable Size and Fitting
  • No Batteries Included
  • No DVR
  • Focal Adjustment NA


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