EMISH X800 Review – RK3368 TV Box

Emish X800 Review : So you are interested in buying a TV box to transform your TV set into a smart TV! Perhaps, you want to enhance your entertainment tenure or enjoy games and applications. No matter the reason, a TV box lets you access television shows, movies, live sports and a number of games and applications. However, the key lies in choosing the best product to maximize your viewing experience. It is here EMISH X800 TV Box steps in to help out. The following EMISH X800 TV Box review will let you know why this product is the preferred choice for people at large.

8.5 Total Score

  • The product supports simultaneous dual-band networks, 5GHz and 2.4GHZ.
  • It boosts the transfer rate to a great extent.
  • The remote control can be easily powered by 2 x AAA battery (you need to buy the battery separately).
  • EMISH X800 delivers 3 time faster accessibility and much better streaming for mobile devices and home computers.
  • With its compact size, you can easily transport the TV box as you like without any issues.
  • Best of all, the product is durable enough to last longer
  • As far as cons are concerned, you will hardly find any drawback in this product. If used properly, you can enjoy the companionship of EMISH X800 for years.

Features and performance of EMISH X800 TV Box

emish x800 review

It is an intriguing digital product perfect for each and every detail. Whether it is the design or performance, EMISH X800 is unique and beneficial in many respects. With a band wireless speed of above 2.4GHZ + 5GHz, it is an ideal choice for seamless HD streaming media, games and other bandwidth-related chores.

The Bluetooth 4.0 feature of the device integrates three specifications, and this includes conventional Bluetooth technology, low power consumption and high-speed technology, which are hard to find in most TV boxes. Along with the capacity of I GB RAM, the device also supports 5G WI-FI.

How’s the Battery?

The product consumes low power and lets you enjoy entertainment without worrying about high energy bills. A 110-120 voltage battery is enough to power the device.

Bottom line

From the above EMISH X800 TV Box review, it gets pretty clear that this TV box is a far better option for enriching your entertainment regimen. Whether you are a sporting enthusiast or gaming expert, EMISH X800 allows you to take your entertainment experience to a new level. By investing a modest amount, you could get this cutting edge TV box and enjoy its varied benefits. All in all, EMISH X800 is highly recommended to entertainment enthusiasts of all ages.


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