DBPOWER T22 Review – 2400 Lumens HD Video Projector

DBPOWER T22 Review- This abox projector is up till the better projector I have seen so far from DBPOWER.It is upgraded model of DBPOWER T20 & T21 and they stated of having better brightness and sound quality in comparison to others. Let’s see the overall DBPOWER T22 Review.

How’s the Design?

A striking design of the abox projector steals the show, in the beginning, Curved IR receiver designs make it more attractive and the edges on the corners adds the beauty and projector size is also small and light in weight which can be adjusted in less area. It has two lens adjusting snobs for focusing, beside the IR receiver. The curving design of the ventilation is also notable. The overall design of the projector is comparatively better as it much compact.

What’s in the Box?

It comprises of 1- USB slot, through which one can connect it’s smartphone or tablet directly to the projector, 1- Memory card slot, from which if any media stored can be viewed easily, 1-HDMI slot, so one can see the movies from any of the three options or can I say there are multiple options for anyone, but as today’s world is going modern and modern every second they ask more options like screen mirroring and wifi etc, through which they can directly connect projector to the smartphones.

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Features & Performance

It can be connected to latest Android TVs and can also be connected to the gaming by XBOX, well that’s one of the best things in the projector from a gaming point of view. Once it is turned on there is options for multiple languages which is quite good and additional features like adjusting colour temperature are also there. It has 6.22 millions colours supported and 58000 hours lap which is on an avg 20000-30000 hours in comparison with others.

The box also contains a free HDMI cable and a remote due to which everything can be controlled by sitting far away. The abox projector is made full of plastic but the top and bottom material is different and strong so that it is safe to hang it from the ceiling.

Having LED lights and 800*480 resolution is also one good feature but it could have been better as in comparison to others. The screen sizes ranges between 32″ – 176″ which is quite a big range but as we go beyond 130″ it’s quality goes down so according to me upto 130″ it will give the optimum results.


It comprises of two stereo speakers on the back of the projector whose sound can also be adjusted and there is another 3.5mm Jack for other speakers, so in terms of sound, it has the best options. It also has 2000 lumens bright light which is quite bright on paper and making it true as they said that it has a brighter light in comparison to its competitors.

So from overall observation according to me, it is good to buy but in comparison to this, there are others too so I wish they get the upgraded version of DBPOWER t22 fast.




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