DBPOWER RD-810 Review – Should you consider this new projector?

DBPOWER RD-810 review- If you are looking for a projector that is highly techie and still affordable when compared to DBPOWER T20 or any of its rivals then DBPOWER RD-810 is the projector that will work for you. Be it a Mobile, TV, Laptops, Home Cinemas or VGAs this portable projector will support everything.

Coming to the features, the DBPOWER RD-810 is a 1200 lumen projector. It can connect to any HDMI enabled devices. Resolution wise, the projector is 800 by 480 and it supports 1080p and 1200 lumens. With a throw distance between 1.5 to 5m and a throw ratio of 1.4:1 it produces images in 20 – 150 inches screen size. While native pixels ratio supported is 800 by 480 it can support up to 1920 by 1080 pixels. Now, let’s look at what is the overall DBPOWER RD-810 review.

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What all it has to offer?

A Go to Device – RD-810 supports every device that has HDMI. Be it a TV, computer or laptop the projector does a justice with every device. You can connect it to the home theatre and enjoy a movie with your family members on a big screen. You can also connect it to games and kids can enjoy a much greater view. This is a go to projector for movie night, a game or any other entertainment on TV, laptops or even a phone. The projector is compatible with Home theatre, VGA, AV for Home Cinema, and USBs.

Easy to Use and Affordable – You don’t have to worry much about the installation or handling with this projector if you are not much of a tech person. This projector is easy to use and install. Even if you haven’t used the projectors much, this one will not cause you much trouble when setting it up. It’s easy to hook up without anybody’s help. Coming to the Price, this one is greatest of all the DBPOWER projectors for its value. If you don’t want an expensive projector for your home theatre go for this one. With the specifications it has and compatibility to variety of devices. Although some features like SD ports are not available, it’s understandable for the price. Although DBPOWER T20 is the most popular projector, when thinking of price RD-810 is great for its value.

Stylish, Tiny projector with gorgeous
pictures –

Despite being affordable in price, RD-210 does not compromise in the quality. It produces a crystal clear quality, with good sound and effects. Be it a Christmas party, a Halloween night or your friends coming over to you this
projector will amaze your guests with its fine quality.

Although this is a tiny mini projector its great for home entertainment with fine quality and low fan noise. Its best option for your entertainment with friends and family.

Not for Business – Coming to the cons, this projector is surely not for business presentations or PPTs or any such other important meetings. But, this will definitely do for home entertainment!



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