DBPOWER N6 4K Review

DBPower N6 4k Review:  It is a powerful LCD-Touchscreen action camera with multiple amazing features. It’s one of the most affordable digital cameras with very high resolution and it can be used in any environment to capture images with utmost clarity. Below is the DBPower N6 review.

8.7 Total Score

  • It’s one of the most affordable digital cameras with good value for money.
  • It’s user friendly and its touchscreen controls are very easy to use.
  • It has a lot of features & accessories.
  • Its port cover is somehow semi-loose.
  • The Camera can access Wi-Fi signal within 10 meters only.

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Features and Performance

  • It has an in-built 2.31 Inch LCD touchscreen for easy previewing and shooting.


  • It has a sleek yet solid appearance. N6 4K is perfectly sized which makes it portable and mountable. It can even work with GoPro mounts.


  • The Ultra HD action camera has a Sony image-sensor and a seven layer glass lens. It can record 2.7K/ 30FPS, 4K/ 24 FPS and 20 MP Photographs using the 170 degree wide angle lens.


  • DBPower N6 can be remote controlled over Wi-Fi. It can also be used by an app such as the CamKing for instant video and photo editing.


  • The 30 meter waterproof camera has a waterproof case that allows photographers to dive up to 30 meters under water. DBPower N6 makes it possible to capture every moment regardless of the environment and its ideal for outdoor sports such as snorkeling, skiing, diving, surfing, biking etc.


  • The Camera comes with a 2-year warranty and a lifetime warranty for the battery.


  • It supports an external SD storage of up to 64 GB.


  • It has diverse functions. The anti-shake Digital Signal Processor and Wide Dynamic Range provide clear images during motion shots.

DBPower N6 4K action-camera delivers impressive photographs and videos. The camera can record 24 frames per second at the highest resolution and still be able to take shots of up to 20 MBs. At its lowest resolution, the frame-rate can reach 240 frames-per-second. Both the stills and video footage are always sharp with great dynamic range. The camera’s in built electronic image stabilization feature has a 3-axis gyroscope which can detect position and change in motion. If the camera shakes, moves or it experiences impact, it will still be able to capture clear and stunning images.

How’s the Battery?

DBPower N6 4K touchscreen action –camera comes with two rechargeable 1200 mAh batteries and each can record up to 70 minutes when the camera has a resolution of 1080 P and 40 minutes when the resolution is 720 P. The long-lasting battery life is one of its best features.




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