How’s the DBPower N5 4K Action Camera?

DBPower N5 4k Action Camera : Small, easy to use and resilient are the hallmarks of an action camera.This digital invention has gained tremendous popularity in the recent past, in extreme sports and journalism among other areas, owing to its enhanced features.

Action cameras adequately fill the gap left by conventional cameras, they can be fitted on cars among and other strategic objects to capture either photos or videos. DBPOWER N5 is an action camera developed by the Chinese electronics manufacturing company DBPOWER.

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The action camera rivals its contemporaries with these features and specifications:

  1. Waterproof capabilities up to a depth of 30 meters
  2. Supports WIFI connection up to a range of 10 meters
  3. 5X optical zoom.
  4. 170 degrees angle of view
  5. Supports up to 64 GB of external storage
  6. Clear 2″ LCD display
  7. Assorted accessories
  8. Quality Video Resolution-With its 4K video resolution, the DBPOWER N5 is able to capture 4K footage at 24fps,1080p footage at 30fps and 720p footage at
  9. Photo Resolution- DBPOWER N5 has the capability to capture photos at 20MP resolution Considering the aforementioned features, DBPOWER N5 dwarfs its contemporaries in a number of ways.


Its WIFI enhancement means that the user is not only able to get live feed from the action camera but also eases transference of files and communication between the action camera and other WIFI enabled devices such as a personal computer.

What all it has to offer?

In addition, the good photo and video quality are commensurate with its price, it, therefore, offers the user value for money. Further, sub-water explorations and water sports are made possible with the considerable depth of 30 meters that the DBPOWER N5 works effectively.

On the other hand, DBPOWER N5 is narrowly floored in some of its features. The 64 GB limit to external storage would prove insufficient to some users with long hours of coverage.Other action cameras in the market offer as much as 128 GB, doubling the capacity.

Also, DBPOWER has a relatively small angle of view. At 170 degrees, less than 180, it would be impossible for the action camera to capture objects directly above and below without much movement.The DBPOWER N5 is powered by Lithium-ion batteries, it comes with two rechargeable 900mAh Li-ion batteries.

How’s the Battery?

The batteries can be recharged using a typical USB charger with the 5V/1A output.It will take roughly three hours to have the battery full.The removable batteries serve well especially in remote areas since an empty battery can be easily replaced.In its pros and cons, the DBPOWER N5 competes competitively with other action cameras in the market.With its pros clearly outweighing the cons, the DBPOWER N5 will most likely serve every user.

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