DBPOWER EX7000 Review

The DBPOWER EX7000 Review: It is an amazing 4k sports action camera that contains professional quality. It is a fabulous item that is exclusively available on Amazon. There are so many advanced features that can attract the minds of the people. We will provide you with some specific details of this camera so that you will get proper information about each and every feature.

8.8 Total Score

  • This is one of the most lightweight cameras with great quality.
  • The video, as well as the picture quality of this camera, is crystal clear.
  • This is a 4K action camera that produces super amazing images.
  • The frame rate of exposure is great and the overall quality is crisp and clear.
  • Although having all such qualities, this camera does not pretend to be up to the mark for some customers.
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Features and Performance

  1. The DBPOWER EX7000 has a tremendous 14 MP camera that captures the image with the help of the Panasonic 34112 image sensor. It will provide you video recordings as well as pictures of professional quality.


  1. Its built-in LCD Touch Screen helps to hold and operate the camera with proper control. With the help of touchscreen option, the users can manage to take their shots easily. There are overall seven different layers of the glass lens with an exceptionally wide angle of 170 degrees. It will probably click each and every photo with accuracy and perfection.


  1. With the help of an advanced option, that is, the 2.4G wireless wrist remote control, the user is allowed to capture the world in a different way. It helps to record the videos in a convenient style. The signal of the Wifi ranges up to near about 10 meters.


  1. One of the advanced features in this model is that the camera is water-resistant that will make possible chances to take the underwater photos as deep as nearly 25-30 meters. It is specially designed for the underwater photography as it corrects the colour distortion for video scene modes.

The company provides 30 days money back guarantee along with an overall warranty of 365 days for the betterment of our customers.


You will get a waterproof case with the DBPOWER EX7000 along with a remote controller, battery, and other accessories. The battery is adjustable that perform long lasting work. This is surely something you wanna buy. So just place your order now on the Amazon to bring this amazing gem to your home.


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