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CUBE T12 Review – Budget Phablet With 3G

Since last two years, the changes in Smartphone Industry has changed a lot.from small size screens to the Large Screens, increase in ram, processor etc. every company launching their smartphone with changing the mood of the market. Nowadays everyone wants their smartphone to be bigger in size with good display quality for SHOW OFF ! so smartphone companies made up the new device which is a combination of Smartphone And Tablet which called as Phablet.this have better hardware specifications than of tablets.

So for consumers looking for a Best Budget Phablet, today we are reviewing the Cube T12 3G Phablet(Check Best Price) which is launched by Cube Team. it does have a Good Combination Between Hardware and Software with Least Price. so for consumers looking for a Best Budget Phablets, take a view on CUBE T12 Review….

Cube T12 Review

What’s Inside ?

The Cube T12 3G Phablet Brand Cube launched yet another exciting product to delight the masses with Cube T12 3G Phablet, this new product was launched by Cube with the idea of providing affordable 3G tablets for its users, by not compromising on the screen size of the tablet or on the option of network connectivity. Cube T12 has a 10.1” HD display, the designers have given a very clean and a basic design to its front look, keeping it simple yet sophisticated. It also has a dual camera feature giving you the option to click photos on the go and have selfies and video chats all day long.

Cube T12 3G Phablet


It is amazing to see that Cube has not curtailed a lot on Cube T12 3G Phablet when talked about features, compared to the price Cube T12 3G Phablet has a lot to offer.

Here are the few key features of Cube T12 3G Phablet

  • Display -It has a display of 10.1” HD display and a resolution of 1280*800.
  • CPU – It has an MTK 8321 CPU, 1.3HZ, Quad Core.
  • RAM & Memory – It has a RAM of 1GB and a memory of 16GB that can be further be expanded up to 64GB.
  • Operating System – It has an Android 6.0 as its operating system.
  • Camera – 0.3 MP front camera and decent enough 5.0 MP Rear camera.
  • Bluetooth – It has a Bluetooth 4.0 for easy sharing of files.
  • Support Network – Has a 2G & 3G, WiFi connection for high-speed internet connection.
  • Battery – Has a Lithium Polymer 5000mAh giving a run time of 4 hours when a video is played.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will this be shipped to my country?

The product is shipped all around the world (if bought from various Chinese E-Commerce stores), you can enjoy the exciting Cube T12 3G Phablet from anywhere in the world.

How to switch between android and window?

Go to the mission board, there you can easily switch between android and windows.

Final Verdict & Conclusion

Cube T12 3G Phablet is a product that is value for money. In an amazingly affordable price, you get to enjoy a large display tablet with all the power packed features along with it. If you want a lot of features and don’t wish to spend a lot of money then this is the product you must go for. You won’t regret buying the product, and in turn, this will turn out to be the best buy of the year for you. Now don’t let your budget deprive you of the digital world. Happy Communication!!!

Price & Best Place to buy

You can enjoy the whole new exciting Cube T12 3G Phablet at an affordable price of $130. It comes in two variants i.e. silver and white.The Cube T12 Phablet is available in many online stores, but we do recommend the Gearbest For their cheap prices as well as good customer may find the link with Discount Below.

Cube T12 3G Phablet


CUBE T12 Review – Budget Phablet With 3G
8.5 Total Score
Budget Phablet !

Affordable And Budget Phablet with 3G Support.

  • Large Display.
  • Network Support.
  • Dual Camera.
  • Battery Backup.
  • Less RAM.


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