Cube iWork 10 – Ultrabook with Type C & Cherry Trail X5-Z8300

Cube iWork 10 Review : As Microsoft are diminishing (and in some occurrences dropping) their permit charges for Windows 8, things are beginning to change in the tablet world. With costs going down Windows tablets ought to remove a piece from the Android/iOS pie for the following couple of years. The Chinese tablet/telephone producer Cube is tossing their cap in the race with the recently released 10-inch tablet, iWork10.

Failing to have attempted a Windows-based tablet, nor even Windows 8 preceding, I was extremely eager to get my hands on this unit.

The accompanying is a review in view of my own impressions and encounters with the gadget. I will begin off by posting some pro, cons, and specifications. From that point, I will remark on the design before I display some battery life information and benchmarking comes about.


Cube iWork 10 Review

The tablet is savvy and feels truly strong with a dark bezel around the front and a blue metallic case on the back. The gadget has withheld being tossed around in my pack while voyaging South America, however, be cautioned that this tablet doesn’t mess with to being dropped! I let a companion obtain it and they incidentally dropped it. This brought about me not having the capacity to turn it on. Fortunately, i was in Peru where I found a nearby repair shop where a person opened it up and discovered one of the connectors had come free so he repaired it for me.


The tablet accompanies 64gb of inner stockpiling which is a gigantic offering point over those tablets with 32gb as Windows 10 takes up a reasonable part of this. The tablet accompanies a 64 bit variant of Windows 10 and as expressed above there is another rendition which accompanies android. If you require any extra stockpiling then there is a small scale SD opening which can take up to 128gb. Check out all the related discussion on Forum.

The tablet also accompanies an Intel Atom X5-Z8300 and 4gb of smash alongside a Gen8-LP10/12EU GPU which is ideal for perusing and observing superior quality movies. I presently can’t seem to test this with anything genuine concentrated however all fundamental everyday errands work flawlessly.

The Cube iWork 10 may have double speakers yet they are not boisterous. Everytime me and my companion needed to watch a film we needed to connect my X-Mini to. The speakers are both situated on one side of the tablet if seeing the tablet on a level plane so I don’t know if they are Stereo but rather this would just ever work if you review the tablet vertically.

The tablet itself does not accompany any USB ports but rather it comes with a USB OTG lead.

Both the back and front confronting cameras are 2.0mp. This is fine for skype however not perfect if you are one of those individuals who likes to take photographs on their tablet.


I can’t affirm for distinct what the battery is as different sources appear to assert different things yet I by and large receive around 5-6 hours use in return which is really reasonable. The main issue is that it takes perpetually to charge. If you are utilizing the gadget while it is charging it takes sufficiently close an indistinguishable measure of time to charge from what you get out the battery. For instance, 6 hours to deplete will take 6 hours to charge while utilizing the gadget. My proposal is to abandon it off and charge it overnight if you can.


The Cube iWork 10 accompanies a full HD 1920*1200 pixels display on a 10.1″ display. This is fresh on a 10″ tablet. It is not the brightest notwithstanding when on full and attempting to utilize the tablet in daylight didn’t generally work contrasted with my Galaxy S 5 telephone which I can see obviously. The touch screen is responsive and I have never had any issues with it.


The Keyboard docks pleasantly with magnets and furthermore permits you to change the point of the display and appears to hold quite well without toppling in reverse. The console also accompanies 2 full-size USB ports which are extraordinary for connecting gadgets too. The console also permits you to close the gadget so it overlaps up like a portable PC. Know that when utilizing the tablet and console the gadget becomes heavier which I’m speculating is to prevent it from being top substantial and toppling in reverse.

Pros and Cons of Cube iWork 10


  • At the cost, this is an extraordinary tablet with high specs and incorporates Windows 10 so you can run all your ordinary desktop applications.
  • There is a MicroSD space where the capacity is expandable up to 128gb.
  • Extraordinary lightweight other option to a portable workstation.


  • This gadget takes everlastingly to charge.
  • My console is somewhat dodgy however cant affirm if all are the same.
  • Tablet is somewhat calm when utilizing the inherent speakers alongside both speakers being set on a similar side which isn’t that awesome for stereo sound if being utilized evenly.


Final Verdict & Conclusion

All things considered, this is an extraordinary little tablet and at the cost, you cannot turn out badly. If you contrast it with whatever another tablet with a console on the western market you will pay significantly more for similar specs, that is if you can discover something with similar specs. If you need a little and lightweight-ish tablet with a console I would suggest this in light of the way that I think my console possibly broken as the tablet itself works consummately without the console. Cube have an extraordinary notoriety with regards to tablets and this one doesn’t seem to fizzle. The reality accompanies Windows 10 and the capacity to run all your desktop applications is an immense reward. If you are hoping to buy a Cube iWork 10 then you can get them now from Gearbest.

Cube iWork 10


7.5 Total Score


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