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CHUWI HiBook Pro – Ultrabook with Cherry Trail Z8300

Update - 2017.08.25
Everything You Need To Know About The CHUWI HiBook Pro :  Over the last few decades, technology has really advanced. More and more products have paved their way into the market breaking new records in terms of sales. The Chuwi Hibook Pro is definitely one of those gadgets that you must have. The tablet is built with remarkable features with an HD resolution to offer clear and colorful images. This is no doubt the ideal gadget to have especially if you are a game lover. In this Chuwi Hibook Pro review(Check Latest Price), you will find a clear description of every feature & specifications of the product.

Chuwi HiBook Pro Ultrabook Review

Features & Specifications

-Operating system: Android Lollipop 5.1
-Dimensions: 10.31 by 6.59 by 0.33 inches
-Internal memory of 64GB storage space
-Dual cameras: 2.0MP & 5.0MP front and rear camera respectively
-10.1-inch touchscreen with a 2560 x 1600 display
-CPU: 64 bit Quad core, Cherry Z800External memory: TF card (maximum of 128GB)
-Available Micro USB portBluetooth enabled.



  • The Chuwi Hibook pro runs games smoothly with no lagging due to the 4GB RAM.
  • Gamers will no doubt love this feature about the tablet.
  • The Intel graphics card will surely leave you awe-struck as it offers clear and cool graphics.
  • The screen resolution will ensure that you get the whole picture as it is.
  • The tablet can allow a memory card that can hold up to 128GB.
  • This means that you have more than enough storage space to store all your videos, pictures and data.
  • Taking pictures with the Chuwi Hibook Pro will guarantee you clear and colorful pictures.
  • The two cameras are built to capture high-quality pictures that will enable you to snap the moment and enjoy a good time with your friends. The front camera will allow you to take clear selfies wherever you go.
  • The front and back camera comes with 2MP and 5MP respectively.
  • You can transfer all your data between the tablet and phone via Bluetooth.


  • Despite the amazing features, the Chuwi HiBook has a few drawbacks that can really get on your nerves.
  • If you are used to high-performance gadgets, the Chuwi HiBook might disappoint you.
  • This is because you might experience a few hitches here and there when it comes to launching some of the apps.
  • They might take long to start or keep crashing whenever you click on them.



The Chuwi HiBook Pro is a nice tablet that offers good performance. If you are looking for a tablet to enjoy good gaming or movies, the HiBook is definitely what you are looking for. However, applications may take some time to start or keep on crashing whenever you try to launch them. We can only hope that these issues get rectified in the upcoming models. However, the Chuwi HiBook Pro is a nice gadget that offers good performance and might just suit you just fine.

Price & Best Place to Buy

As far as pricing is concerned, you could find it on various E-commerce portals such as BangGood, Gearbest, TomTop,etc…However we recommend you going with the one which suits your country best, means which is suitable for better shipping options as Gearbest do have a Free Shipping options and Fast Shipping options with minimal fees as well. So, it will depend on the buyer’s country. Check out the discount link below for Latest Available price.

Chuwi HiBook Pro


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