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CHUWI Hi13 Review – With Intel Apollo Lake Celeron N3450

Chuwi Hi13 Review : Chuwi is a Chinese based company working in computer and technologies. It had started working in 2004 and from then started producing well brand smart phones, tablets, Pcs and even cleaning robots. In September 2004, they produced their self-made 1.1-inch dual screen MP3 and in March 2007 the brand CHUWI was formed. Since then Chuwi has been working to produce better technologies for their customers. In 2014 they introduced their first robotic vacuum (Beetle V3) too. Their Chuwi HI13(Check best price) is also one of the best kinds of tablet PC in market today. Its technology beats the well-known brands tablets today.

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What’s in the Box ? – Overview

Chuwi HI13 was not the first tablet PC produced by Chuwi, before this tablet many other tablets like HI10 Pro(Check Details) and HI12(Check Details) have been introduced by them. But with the change in technology and the advancements in this criteria Chuwi is not lacking behind. It has been working and introducing better advanced technologies with time. Chuwi had been promising a lot about HI13 and they have delivered well in this regard.

What are Chuwi HI13 features? How this Chinese brand is taking on the well-known brands?

Chuwi Hi13 ReviewHI13 has 3.2 screen ratio, which is perfect. It offers a wider view opportunity in both landscape and portrait mode. It also has the HI Pen H3, which is just smooth like writing on a paper and a compatible touch and type system. It is a new technology added by Chuwi recently in their tablets. It has the best Intel Gen9 HD graphics, it is far better than the 8-generation graphics. It has the best Chuwi made All-metal body like the other tablets of Chuwi but with a very light weight. Its body is just 9.2 mm for the tablet and with the keyboard it owns only 16.5 mm.

The Rotary keyboard is one of the advanced technologies we are encountering in 21century tablets. It has been adopted by Chuwi HI13. It’s your choice to either use it as a tablet or as a PC and the keyboard can be detached. It also features the full functioning USB-C port and quick charging batteries. Well in the fast world of today we all need these kinds of technologies.


The Intel N3450 processor is one of its exciting features, of Apollo lake series and don’t get disappointed it has a 4GB RAM to support your memory problems. Not only this but it possesses both front and back camera with the choice of our operating systems. It supports 5G wi-fi to provide quick and stable browsing and has the Windows 10 installed in it, supporting both Android and Windows OS.

Price & Best Place to Buy

The price of this well-equipped technology is not out of reach it can be purchased in just 349$(Presale Price ). It is affordable for an average human. Chuwi have been most generous about the features of HI13 tablet PC. This kind of technology and with so reasonable price can be easy to purchase and use.
The well-known brands too possess these features in their tablet PC but the price is a little generous and Chuwi have always been quite appealing on their price tags. It’s better to give Chuwi a chance to prove their selves.

8.5 Total Score
Very Good!



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