Top Best Wireless PS4 Headset Reviews & Buying Guide (2018)

best ps4 wireless headphones: headsets are one of those things that people of all ages starting from a teenager to old business man, everyone utilizes it. It is used in all business and non-business sectors around the globe, be it an IT companies, a military base, a hospital, a news channel, a small gaming zone or even a house, headphones are a necessity if you are having a PC. Though headsets were invented to replace headphones, but it majorly is used for the cellphone, and headsets are used for personal computers. So, one cannot simply avoid the importance of a headphone. The following article also revolves around this thing that is “Headsets”. This article would contain brief introductions, cons and pros of some of the Best Wireless, Bluetooth, Gaming and Cheap Cost Headsets. Let us begin with “What to look while buying a top-quality PS4 headset?”

Before that, if you are in a hurry and looking for a perfect PS4 Wireless Headset then the below choices should help you find the right one.

Top 4 Best Wireless PS4 Headset

Type Headset Frequency Response Pricing
Best PS4 Gaming Headset HyperX Cloud II 15-25 khz Check Price
Best Wireless PS4 Gaming Astro Gaming A50 20~20KHz Check Price
Best Wireless for PS4 with Microphone Corsair Void Wireless 20Hz – 20 kHz Check Price
Best Lag-free Gaming Experience (also the best mic in gaming) SteelSeries Arctis 7 20Hz – 20 kHz Check Price

What to Look for in the Best PS4 Headsets?

Best Wireless PS4 Headset

People get confused while thinking to buy a top quality PS4 headset coz you can find various varieties of headsets even in the top-notch ones, so for that we would help you in listing down some factors that you should look for while buying the perfect ps4 headset for yourself. Regardless of whether it’s the shoddy plastic pair that comes packaged with your cell phone or the big expensive ones with a monster “b” written on the side, we’ve used every single headphone sooner or later of time.

Getting the sound right can have a significant effect on an exhausting transport ride and an enthusiastic adventure. Be that as it may, there’s a whole other world of headphones than what you see.

There’s a considerable measure of science and designing that goes into making a pair of headphones sound a specific way. The sound can be tuned in an endless number of ways, and getting a charge out of the sound experience is more about coordinating a couple of headphones to the music you’re accustomed to tuning in to, as opposed to just picking by brand or looks. Let us see some things to consider while buying a pair of headphones:

Remember that you get what you pay for

By and large, more costly headphones are made with higher quality materials and better building, enhancing the sound quality. $30 headphones will sound great, however not like the $60 ones. Up in the $80-90 range, you may hear stuff in your music that you’ve never listened. $9.99 deal receptacle ear buds or headphones may last, at longest, a year, and won’t sound awesome, in any case. So spending, at any rate, $20 on them guarantees you, in any event, get essential music quality. One rule is to burn through $50 on convenient headphones and $250 on a couple for a home stereo. Something else you get with quality is the durability. There are likely individuals out there with headphones from the 70’s and 80’s that still work since they’re made well, and made to last. When you get a brand name you aren’t quite recently paying for the name here and there; you’re paying for the trust in its quality.

Fit and comfort

Comfort is one of the important factors to consider. Any earphone will feel fine worn quickly, yet when worn for long stretches, many wind up noticeably awkward. Wear the headphones for no less than 20 minutes before deciding about the comfort. The bigger the ear containers, the better while choosing shut back, round headphones. For headphones that lay on your ear, little is better, and texture cushioning or calfskin can relax the weight. Weight is a factor in long haul comfort—in most case, lighter headphones are more agreeable.

For long listening periods, the super-light convenient headphones with froth cushions are perfect. The headband likewise impacts comfort. Most headphones have an over-the-head style headband, yet behind-the-neck styles are likewise accessible. Ear phones get rid of the band altogether, so are more agreeable in such manner. Whatever the sort of headband, you need it to be movable. Another element for upgrading comfort is the turning cups, particularly on finished the-ear telephones. You can modify them to your go to lessen sound leakage and increment comfort.

Typically, movability isn’t an issue, but to listen to music in between physical movement, get the lightweight portables intended for that reason. For customary stationary studio work, heavier shut back circumaural is typically utilized. Nowadays, be that as it may, smart phones minimized interfaces have made on-area recording better known. This application requires shut back, fixed container headphones that are bulkier. Designs of foldable headphones are more compact and ensure the headphones are easy to use while travelling. It’s insightful to have some case for your recording headphones in the event that they are to travel.

Noise Cancelling

These earphones take a shot at dynamic noise cancelling innovation, where certain sounds are overwhelmed to offer peace and calm to the audience. Active noise cancelling headphones utilize little receivers that get on outside noise, and create noise in the inverse recurrence, to offset the outside sound. The innovation does not work with sounds that shift excessively, as the mic can’t rapidly get and adjust to various frequencies. Rather, noise cancelling headphones are helpful in smothering consistent rambling sounds, for example, plane motors, industrial facility apparatus, aeration and cooling system murmur and other such uniform recurrence sounds.


  • Good for some peace and calm in manufacturing plants, planes and active conditions


  • Noise dropping requires extra power, so charging/batteries will be required. Moreover, noise-cancelling innovation just works with specific sorts of sounds and can’t shut out all stable totally


  • The core parts of any headphones, the drivers are utilized to change over the electrical signalfed to the headphones into a capable of being heard sound signal that can be grasped by the human ear
  • There are different sorts of drivers utilized as a part of headphones, including the most regularly utilized moving loop (dynamic) drivers, adjusted armature drivers, planar attractive drivers and electrostatic drivers, among others
  • They utilize diverse advances to control the sound, with a few innovations offering better, more intense sound than others.
  • Dynamic drivers are utilized as a part of a wide range of phones, adjusted armature drivers are general utilized as a part of in-ear headphones because of the little size, while planar attractive and electrostatic drivers are the biggest and are normally utilized as a part of worked for-home over-ear headphones.
  • A few headphones, known as cross breeds or hybrids, utilize a blend of two drivers (most normally a mix of dynamic and adjusted armature drivers).
  • As a rule, greater drivers don’t really mean better as there are different factors too, yet they are a contributing component, especially for bass. Be that as it may, it’s best to try out headphones before purchasing, or read surveys to ensure the item is suited to you.
  • Commonly, headphones like the ones packaged with your phone will be around 15mm, while over-ear sets will associate with 30-50mm.


You need your headphones to last. Tragically, durability regularly likens with heavier weight. Light headphones can be sat on or snapped into equal parts all the more effortlessly. You simply must be watchful with them and place them in a defensive situation when they’re not on your head. On the off chance that they are the foldable ones, look at the pivots for it being sturdy. Are the cables considerable or thin and sensitive? On the off chance that you are purchasing higher-valued headphones, see whether new parts are accessible. It’s a great deal less expensive to supplant a cable or the ear cushions than to supplant a whole set.

Evaluate the headphones’ sound isolation

This alludes to how well they keep music in and obstruct outside noise. Nothing is more irritating than turning up your volume to muffle the sound of the bus or traffic. There’s likewise the way that in case you’re somewhat deaf, appreciate turning your music up uproarious, and utilize it to muffle noise coming from the environment, and the headphones are extremely open, you’ll wind up giving everybody around you something to prattle about. Sound confinement will likewise shield you from wasting valuable battery life or increase the volume to hear legitimately.

Proceeding forward, we will now briefly elaborate the Best Wireless PS4 Headphone below. The following headphone is chosen to be the “Best” after reading consumer’s reviews and after researching various sites as well.

Top Best Wireless PS4 Headphones Reviews


HyperX Cloud Review

Give your opponents a chance to take the blows while you play games without pain. HyperX Cloud supports your head in a super-delicate cushioned headband, adaptable foam ear pads and leatherette-cushioned ear cups so even if you play till late, it will be agreeable. It’s cost-friendly, so there’s no pain in the cost either. Star gaming improved, HyperX Cloud is HiFi competent and conveys extraordinary sound with perfectly clear low, mid and high tones in addition to upgraded bass-propagation so you can lose yourself while you win. Additionally you’ll look sharp while playing, because of the extraordinary design of the HyperX. The aluminium body is solid and sufficiently strong to face any sort of travel in the event that you jump at the chance to take your gaming in a hurry.

To the extent the sound goes, the Cloud is loud enough. For whatever length of time that you take care to dial into an agreeable volume you’ll be remunerated with lovely detail and clearness that is unmatched. That sound lucidity stretches out to the separable mic, which conveys awesome sound for group correspondence.


  • Compatible with PCs, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, airplanes, PS4 consoles, and Xbox One
  • Durable
  • Long Cord
  • Comfort is high
  • HyperX Cloud is HiFi capable


  • For Xbox one, stereo adapter is required.
  • Not so loud on some consoles
  • Bass is pretty low


  • Improved Comfort: HyperX Cloud accompanies adaptable foam ear cushions and exchangeable ear cups for fluctuating sound profiles and distinctive surface alternatives
  • Unrivaled Audio Performance: HyperX Cloud is HiFi fit with 53mm drivers and conveys prevalent sound execution in gaming or expert sound conditions. It is completely clear low, mid and high tones in addition, to improved bass-generation makes an immersive gaming knowledge.
  • Particular Design with Improved Accessories: Each HyperX Cloud headset accompanies every one of the adornments required including a plane connector, cowhide and velour ear pads, in addition to a travel agreeable work sack to take your diversion in a hurry
  • Separable Premium Microphone: The separable premium amplifier has a slimmer mic windshield and is anything but difficult to connect to for use in gaming – or unplug it to tune in to music.
  • Professional Gaming Optimized: HyperX Cloud is prescribed by tip top gaming organizations. It’s the official headset of such expert gaming associations as Team Liquid and SK-Gaming.
  • From HyperX, a Leader in eSports: HyperX underpins a portion of the best gaming groups on the planet. While you won’t be an expert yet, you can absolutely game with a similar hardware they do.

Now we will explain shortly that why having a comfortable wireless headset is important?

The importance of having comfortable wireless headset

Comfort is a relative term for various individuals yet a few headphones are the ear-whisperers. They close over your ears like a snuggly cover and wrap you in the lovely sound. They end up noticeably subtle on your head. The distinctions in sound are unobtrusive yet the distinctions in comfort are noticeable immediately. Some of the time, there’s a slight weight on ear ligament or undue warmth of ear pads or pointless weight of headband that muddies your listening background.

Much the same as how the faces of human beings appear to be comparative, yet vary in shapes, sizes, and forms, headphones additionally show one of a kind variety in different elements. Furthermore, that can have a significant effect. What works for another person may not be agreeable for you. Let us see the important features to notice while going for a comfortable wireless headset.

Clamping Force

A few of the people keep this thing in notice while buying headphones but for longer period of the usage of a headphone, if a clamping force is more than an average clamp force, then the ears might feel painful. If the clamping force is too much less, then the headphone might slip off every now and then. So, when choosing a headphone, do ask the seller about the clamp force as well.

Headphone Design

Headphones could be over-ear or on-ear. If we talk about comfort, over-ear headphones take the lead easily. On-ear headphones have a design that is awkward. They rest over the ear directly and forcing the upper ear from springing out. They likewise external sound in on account of their imperfect fit. The over-ear headphones circumvent the ears. Along these lines they don’t sit annoyingly where it starts to hurt. They trap the sound inside an acoustic igloo. The main issue is your ears may get hot.

Headband Comfort

Another similarly critical factor in headphone comfort is the headband. Headband configuration is a sketchy science. It ought to be sufficiently tight to remain stable over your head and should keep the ear mugs situated effectively over your ears. Be that as it may, it ought not to be rigid to the point that it proves to be heavy on your ears. After you remove the headphones, you shouldn’t feel like your ears are tumbling off.

Ear Pad Comfort

Since ear pads come in contact with the ears as soon as you wear the headphones, so, they were a main thing as well. We incline toward those materials which feel delicate to the ears. Be that as it may, they ought to likewise be all around ventilated for long term usage of the headphone. Velour is the choicest material for ear pads. The hairy comfort is difficult to state no to. It is likewise more permeable to air-flow than calfskin, so your ears remain generally dry. If there should be an occurrence of leather, dependably lean toward the leather that is genuine. It beats velour as far as toughness is concerned; however, it is not as comfortable as it should be.


The headphone rests on your head. You would not have any desire to convey heavy weight there, as make a beeline for be an imperative piece of the body as exhibited by the Headless Hunt in Harry Potter (You can play Head polo with it). The lower the weight, the better you will feel over extended periods of music listening particularly on the off chance that you are a music maker. In any case, the weight reduction shouldn’t be at the cost of assembling quality.

Coming back to the review part, we will briefly elaborate about the best wireless headset for gaming in PS4.

Best Wireless Gaming Headset for PS4


Astro Gaming A50


  • 6.0mm uni-directional noise cancelling mic
  • Excellent sound
  • Wireless capabilities
  • USB charging with base station
  • Full-bodied Dolby 7.1 Surround sound
  • Supremely comfortable


  • It might be a bit out of budget for people having an average budget.


The A50 gaming headset has for quite some time been one of our top choices, which is the reason we were eager to see Astro’s refreshing headset to another model for – and a much more noteworthy headphone design. Notwithstanding mind blowing devotion and Dolby 7.1 encompass sound, the headset accompanies full 5GHz wireless abilities, so no wires will get you tangled. Also, the new mount/charging support enables you to flaunt the A50 while the battery gets restored. That battery endures around 15 hours, another appreciated redesign from the past model. The new mic, in the interim, is adaptable, a mix of elements that we like.

In any case, that is not the only thing that is changed. The design especially around the headband, is likewise sparser and lighter, cutting a portion of the weight off of these heavy headphones and make them less demanding to wear for drawn out stretches of time. The new LED light boards likewise give you an additional measurement of style and customization, enabling you to change the shading and status markers as you see fit. The product can likewise enable you to deal with the three new EQ settings – Astro, Pro, and Studio – to change them into the ideal modes.

Not to forget, the headset is additionally totally perfect with PC in the event that you ever become weary of playing on the PS4. You can even pick a package with a mod unit that gives you a chance to include a cushioned headband new, manufactured leather ear pads. All things considered, the new A50 is justified regardless of each penny notwithstanding its high sticker price. You’ll be unable to locate a superior PS4 headset available.

Top 3 Cheap Wireless Headphones for PS4

Only five years back, finding fair priced gaming headsets under $150 was troublesome. Best case scenario, you’d need to spend at any rate half of that and still relinquish huge amounts of elements. It wasn’t a fun time then.

Be that as it may, the market has changed. Presently you can discover a wide range of headsets for gamers on a budget friendly plan, and a large portion of them aren’t that terrible — much superior to anything that you could’ve gotten five years back. You simply need to know where to look, what to search for and agree to not as much as great. Below stated is a list of top quality three cost-friendly wireless headphones for PS4 or precisely, gaming!


Corsair Void Wireless Review


Enter the VOID—the imaginative group of cutting edge gaming headsets from Corsair. Regardless of whether you pick wireless, USB, or stereo controlled sound apparatus, you will dependably be one stage in front of your enemies (well from a gamer’s point of view).

It’s obviously having a better design. Odd, without a doubt—the ear cups are kite-molded instead of round, which looks odd to some people. However, the Void Wireless feels strong, with metal pivots and a cushioned metal headband that sits somewhat forward on the head. It’s sufficiently agreeable for long gaming sessions. The ears are a bit on the little side, and you should hope to play around with the headband alterations until the point that you get the ear cups arranged perfectly, however, once you do there ought to be next to zero pressure on your jaw. The head band controls the greater part of the fit.

Plus an effective 50mm neodymium driver make amazing bass, shining highs, and towering dynamic range, and bona fide Dolby 7.1 surround conveys mortally precise positional sound. Convey what needs be with 16.8 million shading choices to coordinate your rigging and your individual style. LEDs in every ear cups have completely customizable power, example and shading to give anything from unobtrusive and limited, to eye-buttoning power.The CUE (Corsair Utility Engine) empowers this, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, with CUE Link, your Corsair RGB gaming apparatus would all be able to work in congruity, regardless of whether it’s just synchronizing your colors, or selecting the wave and ripple effects that reach out over your console, mouse, and headset.


  • High in comfort
  • Noise cancelling mic
  • RGB lightening available


  • This headset is heavy
  • The head band is slanted a bit slanted that creates the problem a bit; it tends to slip down if you look downwards.


Razer ManO’War

Features :

The Man O’War is Razer’s just wireless gaming headset, creating virtual 7.1 surround sound with an evaluated battery life of 14 to 20 hours.

It has a stylish, eye-buttony design, and gives PS4 and PC players with a durable headset that is tuned for gaming. The ManO’War has indistinguishable 50mm sound drivers from the Kraken Pro V2, which produces awesome sound and bone-rattling bass. The ear pieces are secured with comfortable, supple foam sheathed in delicate leather type. The best piece has a gel cushion that keeps the plastic check prop off the highest point of your head, however, it’s stated as a little too rigid by some gamers. The earcups show the Razer logo gladly, with the coordinated RGB lighting sparkling in a wide variety of colors. Razer has a skill for making gaming-marked items elegantly and demonstrates this flawlessly with this new style that is introduced on the Man O’War.

Various buttons can be found on the Man O’War, with each ear cup lodging a volume wheel – one for receiver volume and the other for sound volume. You’ll likewise discover the power button and LED marker on the left ear cup, with a slick little USB dongle holder on the left ear cup. As somebody who’s continually moving between gadgets, this is a plus point.


  • Strong wireless signal
  • Pretty much comfortable
  • Battery life is great


  • The quality of sound doesn’t match wired equivalents
  • drains battery because of RGB lighting
  • mostly made of plastic which makes it less durable


Corsair Gaming H2100 Review


The headband and ear cups are emphatically enormous. On the off chance that you require a travel-accommodating headset, this is not it. Keeping the size aside, however, the device is fairly alluring, highlighting a smooth, dark outline with classy insights of yellow.

You likewise get controls incorporated with the headset, because of the reality that it is wireless. There’s likewise an enormous power button incorporated with the left ear cup, alongside a correspondingly huge LED to demonstrate whether the gadget is on. The H2100’s immense ear cups and monstrous cushioning are so good. I could wear the headset for a considerable length of time with no pain in the head. The headband fits in with pretty much any head shape. While the gadget is a tad bit heavy, it didn’t weigh down too much.

With different organizations charging an over the top add up to go without wire, I expect all my discussion of sound quality and plan and so forth won’t make any difference a bit in case you’re determined to cut the rope at a sensible cost. Corsair’s one of only a handful couple of offering a wireless alternative at this cost, and you can perceive any reason why the corners were clearly cut, particularly as to the design.

In any case that you forgot, once more, it’s really cheap. For a wireless headset, it is hard that you’ll locate a superior headset like this somewhere else.


  • Design is comfortable
  • Wireless fidelity is high
  • Presets are Helpful


  • The software is a little shallow
  • Slight background hiss noticed sometimes

Best Bluetooth headphones for ps4


Razer ManO ‘War


On the off chance that you needed the motivation to change over to the world of wire free gaming sound, here it is. The ManO’ War is the best gaming headset we’ve discovered that conveys on sound quality, looks and comfort that is unmatched. The little Bluetooth dongle conveniently lives inside the headset itself (making it far less conceivable to lose) and the set up for it is extremely simple. On PS4 you can simply connect the dongle straight to one of your USB ports and it naturally then connects. On PC it’s similarly straightforward and you’ll get reward outstanding recreated 7.1 encompass sound through Razer’s Synapse application.

Regardless of whether you’re on PS4 or PC, the sound quality is splendid – Destiny’s weaponry crashes particularly satisfyingly on comfort – and it’s all in a shockingly light bundle. The buttons and controls are situated on every ear and sensibly simple to discover once you recognize what you’re searching for. Volumes for both the mic and sound are on there as well and a press of the wheel will quiet either. The microphone as well is effectively retractable for jumping in and out all through the talk. Besides, regardless of the way that you’re never going to see them, the two ear cans illuminate with Razer’s 16.8 million Chroma colors.


  • The headset is comfortable and light
  • The sound quality is great


  • Look wise, it is not the slickest.


Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review


The most quickly striking part of Turtle Beach’s Elite 800 headset is that its Bluetooth wireless transmitter serves as a charging support, into which you can simply thud the headset, rather than fiddling around with a USB link. That is especially useful given that it has a battery life of 10 hours, which isn’t the best – in spite of the fact that whether you ought to be gaming for over 10 hours in one stretch is a thing to be questioned

Something else, the Elite 800 contains much to appreciate. It sounds awesome: loud and pumping, with DTS Headphone 7.1 encompass sound and a welter of realistic equalizer presets that can improve match player sounds when you’re getting a charge out of a first-individual shooter, or are suited to film viewing etc.

Comfort and manufacture quality are noteworthy, and you can modify countless by squeezing diverse regions of the backs of the ear cups. This takes some getting used to at initially, however, no less than each press of the buttons triggers an electronic voice revealing to you what is happening.

To the extent modifying the sound to suit your gaming inclinations is concerned, the Elite 800 offers as much as any wireless headset available. Be that as it may, to our ears, it sounds damn fine whatever its design. It isn’t the least expensive – despite the fact that you can discover it for well beneath its RRP – yet you can positively observe why.


  • DTS Headphone 7.1 surround-sound
  • The charging cable is easy to use
  • Configuration options are vast


  • The life is battery is not the best
  • The on ear controls are somewhat fiddly.

Top 3 Best Wireless PS4 Headsets

The following incredible peripherals war is being pursued over your ears. After each organization on the planet put out a gaming mouse and afterward a gaming keyboard as well, now it’s the ideal opportunity for headsets, so many of them.

What are the best gaming headsets? Here, we have three of the finest PS4, Xbox and PC headsets for all tastes and budgets. We’ve taken a look at best budget gaming headsets, wireless and USB models alongside stereo and 7.1 encompass sound models. So, yes, there’s something here for everybody.

Playing PS4 Games


A not too bad decent gaming headphone will offer awesome sound quality, an agreeable plan, and a solid mouthpiece, getting rid of the bother of setting up home theater speakers. We’ve examined a rundown of the most loved and preferred headphones by consumers below, alongside a part for its cons and pros as well. Have a Happy gaming!

But first, let us first tell some things briefly about the Wireless headsets.

Utilizing a transmitter that is connected to your PC or support, wireless headsets offer problem free gaming sound. Be that as it may, they do require charging and are at most of the times heavier, and obviously, cost more than the wired ones. Check the compatibility of your console and the headset you’re thinking to buy, as not every single wireless headset support all consoles.
So, the first Best Wireless PS4 headset of this list is:


SteelSeries Arctis 7


The Arctis 7 is SteelSeries’ extravagance gaming headset for PlayStation and PC gamers who need a dependable set of ear cans that can genuinely do equity to diversions. It combines a stellar match of stereo drivers with an outline that looks and feels just as costly as it seems to be.

Put just, the Arctis 7 is the best headset I’ve tried till now, plus, what people have said in reviews as well. Indeed, many of the buttons are little, and the underlying cost will be distant for some, however in the event that you’re set up to put at that point consequently you’ll have yourself a class-driving headset. The upper area utilizes an instinctive self-changing headband for fitting, and this can be swapped out for an option in design in the event that you don’t care for the default winter disguise look.

Dissimilar to the HyperX Cloud Revolver, the band doesn’t lead clamor into the headset when touched, in this manner accomplishing an agreeable fit with no negative reactions. It isn’t an excessively enormous headset, so those with large heads may discover it somewhat little, however, the headset’s casing is comprised of an aluminum top piece that is associated with the ear cups by means of a plastic pivot that takes into account 90-degree turn. The ear cups are covered in a delicate touch matte complete, with the whole headset feeling awesome in the hand. The oval ear cushions are produced using a sleek fabric that I very much want over artificial leather – despite the fact that I’d maybe have jumped at the chance to have seen a bit more foam underneath. Associating the headset is accomplished with the included USB transmitter. It’s bigger than a few adversaries, yet gives a ludicrously solid signals – I can stroll to a neighboring room, close the entryway, and it will still be giving strong signals even no. It even hosts a perfect trick for that: you can interface your speakers to the gadget, and it will then consistently output to them at whatever point the headset is disengaged. A decent touch that is by SteelSeries.

The mouthpiece can’t be separated, yet it slides flawlessly into the headset when not being used. SteelSeries has likewise set a splendid red LED on the tip to give clear warning that the mic is quieted. Controlling the Arctis 7 is accomplished by means of the buttons and dials on every ear cups, with choices for both headset volume and mouthpiece levels. They’re a touch fiddly, however it’s satisfactorily simple to get used to them. It’s here that you’ll additionally discover ports for charging (by means of smaller scale USB), interfacing a wired 3.5mm gadget and sound sharing.

By and large, the headset is exceptionally agreeable being used; even with my glasses on, I could cheerfully wear the headset for quite a long time. By association, despite the fact that the Razer Man O’War headset is likewise unwinding to wear, the Arctis 7 offers a major stride up in quality at a lower price point.


  • It has a wide operational range
  • Battery Life is long lasting
  • Build quality is outstanding
  • The audio is clean and punchy


  • It might be a little small for larger heads
  • The type of volume dials is a little fiddly


Astro Gaming A50


Astro as of late released another rendition of their previous A50 wireless gaming headset. This model works with both consoles and PC, and even accompanies an attractive charging dock. It’s a strong headset generally, and offers some huge changes on its officially great predecessor. It’s additionally got a couple of minor defects as well.

Astro is a truly surely understood gaming brand—their headsets are mainstream with star gamers and musicians, and turn up at traditions and fan occasions the world over. I by and large like their stuff, and their wired A40 and original wireless A50 headsets have been pillars in my gaming setups for a considerable length of time.

Astro as of late sent me a PS4 release of the most up to date A50 to audit, and I’ve been putting it through its reviewingfrom a little while. How about we get into it right away.

It comes in two versions, a blue-featured PlayStation 4 display and a green-featured Xbox One model. That qualification is drawn in view of which reassureswireless visit convention the headset will work with—the PS4 headset won’t let you connect on a Xbox One, and similarly the Xbox One won’t let you link to a PS4. The two models are generally the same. The two forms likewise work with PC, which means you can get USB encompass sound out of your Windows PC—you don’t need to utilize an optical link or a sound card. The A50 accompanies a docking station that goes about as a charger and wireless transmitter. The base station has contributions for optical sound, and also optical go through and a 1/8″ aux contribution, in case you need to connect to another sound source. It has an attractive support on top that charges the headset without expecting you to connect to any links, however the design additionally accompanies a USB yield in the event that you have to charge your headset while wearing it. A switch as an afterthought gives you a chance to flip between your support and your PC, contingent upon which system you’re utilizing. It’s plastic, and it will in the long run break to be very honest. In spite of its top notch value, the A50 is made of plastic, which implies that it will in the long run break. That is particularly genuine given the heaviness of the headset’s worked in gadgets. I’ve had two devices of A50s throughout the last six or so years, and keeping in mind that I adored them two and treated them with awesome care, they both softened up various ways. One headband snapped, requiring a warranty fix that never entirely brought them back. The other had some kind of interior glitch with the volume handle three years or so after I got them. Astro’s one-year guarantee covers defective parts yet not misfortunes, and following a year, you’re without anyone else. Drop this headset on a hardwood floor and you’re presumably screwed.

Astro headsets have held a place in my gaming rigs throughout recent years, battling off numerous challengers. The new A50 figures out how to enhance an officially good thing in a few ways—it’s less demanding to utilize, simpler to charge, and backings both consoles and PC. It has its offer of weaknesses, which emerge given its high sticker price. Be that as it may, some of my complaints could hypothetically be tended to by means of firmware refreshes, so there’s motivation to trust they could be resolved after some time. In case you’re hoping to overhaul your amusement sound circumstance and have money to save, this is a strong alternative.


  • 6.0mm Uni-directional noise cancelling mic
  • Excellent sound
  • Wireless capabilities
  • USB charging with base station
  • Full-bodied Dolby 7.1 Surround sound
  • Supremely comfortable


  • It might be a bit out of budget for people having an average budget.


Tritton Katana HD 7.1 Wireless Review


Tritton trusts the Katana HD is a definitive buddy for sound conscious gamers. Why? Since it’s the principal wireless stereo headset to convey uncompressed virtual encompass sound – an incredible offering point on the off chance that you want most extreme wave and comfort in one.

It takes a shot at PC, Xbox One and the PS4 and elements DTS encompass sound tech to, ideally, convey choice encompass sound. The Katana HD for the most part conveys, as well. Despite everything it can’t synchronizeequal wired headphones, however it sounds superior to anything headsets in its value section and going wireless are extraordinary for gaming.

After the HDMI availability, the design is a standout amongst the most one of a kind things about the Katana HD. It’s additionally a standout amongst the most confounding. Distraught Catz could have taken such a variety of signals from other fruitful headsets available, yet they didn’t (to such an extent I think about whether there were issues having an effect on everything). Try not to misunderstand me, the fundamentals of this headset are fine: The ear cups are a delicate, top of the line rough texture, and the headset fits well despite the fact that it sits somewhat large around the ears that are short. But to be very honest, it is this headsets body on which people start scratching their heads upon.

The Plastic Body

The Katana HD is exceptionally plasticky, distractingly so. It isn’t an attractive or solid plastic either, but instead a sparkly plastic covering that feels oddly modest for a bit of such propelled tech. The ear containers rotate: I don’t know why they rotate – it might be for comfort I guess. Be that as it may, it’s completely pointless and makes the headset significantly harder to deal with. On the in addition to side, the ear containers emulate the removed Logitech design, which is agreeable for most ear shapes. The power and mic buttons are within the headband: Some button position goes well, similar to the EQ button on the external ear container. However, the availability buttons for wireless sound and visit are small things situated within the headband, practically under the ear container texture. They are difficult to see and hard to reach, and by and large confusing, since you need to use no less than one of these buttons each time you put the headset on.

The mic configuration is better, yet in addition baffling in its own particular manner. It’s a hard-adaptable mic, which can be deliberately bent into shape yet won’t lose its frame without breaking or something– thanks to Mad Catz for that one. It’s likewise separable, which I acknowledge, in spite of the fact that the design is somewhat bizarre: the microphone sticks out appropriate from the side of the headset, and is by all accounts about twice as large as it should be.


  • It has a solid battery life
  • HDMI connectivity is a plus point
  • Works perfectly on PS4, Xbox One and PC as well
  • Audio Quality is above-average


  • It gives a cheap look because of the plastic
  • Virtual surround-sound isn’t delivered fully

Top 3 best wireless headset with microphone

Headset Frequency Response Microphone
Siberia 800 20Hz - 20,000Hz Retractable Mic, Mute LED, Unidirectional, Noise Suppression Check Price
Logitech G933 20Hz - 20,000Hz Adjustable boom mic Check Price
Corsair Void Wireless 20Hz - 20,000Hz Unidirectional noise-cancelling condenser with adjustable, rotating boom and infoMic lighting Check Price

Siberia 800 Review


Do you own a PC, a PS3, a PS4, a Xbox 360, a Xbox One and a cell phone as well? Do you have a single headset that works similarly well with each of the above-stated devices? If not, you may require a SteelSeries Siberia 800, a brilliant wireless peripheral whose characterizing highlight is its ideal similarity with each cutting edge gaming framework available. While setting up the peripheral and exchanging among gadgets can be a genuine pain, the Siberia 800 eventually prevailed upon many users with its great sound quality and profound customization alternatives. I can’t recommend this headset for people having low budget, but if you demand high-grade audio with high rates, then you can choose the Siberia 800 headset. The headset highlights a dial for controlling volume (which just works while being utilized wireless, not when utilized on a wired association with a cell phone or something comparable), and also a button that is utilized to control both the power and the receiver mute status. There is a button to quickly mute and unmute the mic as well or hold the same button for longer periods to power off or power on it. The receiver highlights a little red light strip that enables you to see whenever if the mic is live or quieted, which is an extremely helpful addition. The headset additionally includes a couple of ports, a common port for daisy-fastening headsets (that I inevitably worked out was likewise for wired connections to mobile phone and other comparable gadgets) and a talk port, for supports that require wired access for mic use. The covering of rubber this match of ports feels disappointingly shabby and shaky, scarcely feeling secure once pushed into the hole. I was exceedingly enticed to simply rip the little rubber cover off totally, which is not a decent design or assembling sign on a top of the line item like this. Overall, though being an expensive headset, the Siberia 800 is really a top choice for many people. Let us now review the pros and cons of this headset.


  • Sound quality is Excellent
  • It Works equally well with PCs and consoles
  • Equalization is Hardware-based


  • Works well with only one system at a time
  • Setting this headphone is quite tedious


Corsair Void Wireless


The Void Wireless is a strong change over Corsair’s past wireless model, the H2100—and not on the grounds that Corsair discarded the tribal tattoo logo and backpedaled to the customary trio of the sails. It’s obviously having a better design. Odd, without a doubt—the ear cups are kite-molded instead of round, which looks odd to some people. However, the Void Wireless feels strong, with metal pivots and a cushioned metal headband that sits somewhat forward on the head. It’s sufficiently agreeable for long gaming sessions. The ears are a bit on the little side, and you should hope to play around with the headband alterations until the point that you get the ear cups arranged perfectly, however, once you do there ought to be next to zero pressure on your jaw. The head band controls the greater part of the fit. What’s more, in spite of the reality Corsair sent us the brilliant yellow rendition of the Void Wireless to survey (finish with yellow-emphasized USB dongle), it appears like the default model is presently the black one. A relief is that now the Void Wireless accompanies RGB lighting. The battery life of this headset is of top-notch quality, hitting 12 hours dependably with all the RGB lighting on and turned up. You ought to get 15 hours effectively in the event that you do gaming full day. Point is, it’s sufficient to get you through a long day or two of gaming. What’s more, on the off chance that you have to, you can likewise still charge the headset while using it. The microphone is of a standard boom design. You can flip it off when it is not in use but don’t forget it can’t detach. This is a gaming headset to start with, not a couple of headphones pulling two-fold obligation.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Microphone is available
  • Top-notch battery quality


  • This headset is heavy
  • The head band is slanted a bit slanted that creates the problem a bit; it tends to slip down if you look downwards.

Bottom Line

Coming towards the bottom line of the article, headsets have been playing an important life in our life, especially for those who have been in the gaming field or the music industry or even in offices. There is no specific headset for a specific type of person to use, as it all depends on the type of comfort, sound quality, size and design of the headset one prefers more. Plus, budget is also a thing to consider, some people want to buy an expensive headset and use it for a longer run and some people consider buying a budget headset, it all depends on how you use and like it. I hope you guys loved the article and it helped you all in one way or another in knowing the current Best wireless PS4 Headsets in the market.

A friendly advice: Do consider the points before buying a headset that I just elaborated in the beginning of the article and trust me, it would help you a lot.

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