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Best Chinese TV Box 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Editor’s Choices

Update - 2017.02.20

An Android TV Box also known as a streaming box, OTT box or Kodi Box is a special TV that is built for purposes of streaming. This boxes usually come enabled with a pre-installed XMBC and the best and updated Kodi plugins that allows the individual using the box to stream any TV channel or movies that the user may desire. With the advent of technology, processors of mobile platforms such as Android and IOS have improved in the streaming of 1080p videos without showing any time lags or being slow. This List here at Ringosoft of some of the best Chinese TV box will surely help you find your affordable Android TV Boxes.

These factors combined with the low amount of power that is needed for mobile platforms has made mobile handsets ideal for users to stream TV directly on their mobile phones. Apple and other platforms such as Roku have already invested in the mobile streaming craze through provision of set top boxes for their own platforms and this has necessitated the need for Kodi boxes for Android.

Which are the best Chinese TV boxes available in the market?

TV Box Ram/Storage Features Pricing
Original Xiaomi Mi TV Box 2GB/8GB Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU, 4K, Bluetooth voice remote control, Support 5.1 Surround. Check Price
Beelink GT1 3GB/32GB 2.0GHz,Octa Core, 3D noise reduction filter, Bluetooth 4.0. Check Price
Tanix TX3 Mini 2GB/16GB Amlogic S905W quad-core CPU, Supports Miracast, Airplay, DLNA, 4k. Check Price
SCISHION V88 1GB/8GB Rockchip 3229 Quad Core, supports the 3D movie, You can see IPTV through KODI. Check Price

Other Top Choices :

MINIX NEO U1 TV Box Android (Best Android TV Box)

Minix Neo U1 TV BoxThis product features a state of the art Penta Core Mali-450 GPU and can run on an Android version of 5.1.1 and above. This gives users of this product access to a wide range of apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Picasa, Facebook and a many other apps. The fact that this box is fitted with HDMI connector allows users to connect it directly to their television for the best viewing experience. (check price on Amazon)

This box is also fitted with Dual- band of 2.4GHz/5GHz which allows users to gain access to the best streaming services. The infrared remote that comes with this streaming box is an added advantage allowing users to enjoy the wireless connectivity entertainment that comes with android boxes. This product also comes with a keyboard to allow users to type in the features that they want to access from the box in quick fashion.

This Android Box is designed to offer users a smooth and enjoyable gaming and watching experience. The expandable 16GB ROM allows surfers to download programs of their choice for watching at their own convenience. The Wi-Fi connection from this device combines both the external and internal antennas to ensure that the user is provided with flawless streaming as they watch their favourite episodes.

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Minix Neo U1 (Best Android TV Box)

This could be the Best Chinese Android TV Box you could get with all the necessary and more advanced features.


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Beelink M18 TV Box ReviewThis streaming Box is designed with a Penta Core Mali-450MP GPU and runs on an Android platform of 5.1 and above which allows the user to receive fast and highly efficient feedback from the box. It is also equipped with 2.4GHz/5.8GHz Wi-Fi connection to allow users to stream content online without glitches. This product is also Bluetooth enabled running on a 4.0 edition which allows the user to connect it to compatible devices such as handsets, computer and the mouse. Check Full Review.

This product has a 2GB RAM and an internal memory of 16GB which can be expanded up to 32GB to allow the user download their favorite programs for later reference. The highly stable Wi-Fi connection allows users to connect to online streaming sites with high speeds enabling the owner of this powerful machine to transform their own living rooms to customized entertainment centers.

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Beelink M18 (Best Android TV Box Under $50)

This could be the Best Chinese Android TV Box under $50 you should consider if you are looking for an affordable option.


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UGOOS UT4 TV Box Android

UGOOS UT4 TV BoxThis streaming Box is powered by a PowerVR G6110 GPU while running on an Android platform of 5.1 and above which allows the users of this machine to access a stable system which responds to commands rapidly. The HDMI 2.0 connector that comes with this device allows the user to connect the box directly to the TV thereby ensuring that friends and family have access to the best television and internet streaming services available. It also comes fitted with Dual-band Wi-Fi to enhance streaming speeds for the users. The presence of an infrared remote control allows the user to access various features of this Android box from the comfort of their seats.

Due to the 16GB memory that comes fitted into the device, users of this product can download TV programs of their choice as they stream and save them for later viewing which is a major plus. It also gives owners of the streaming box the chance to download their favorite apps and also watch movies without experiencing any lags which makes this impressive product a major investment for buyers.

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UGOOS UT4 (Best Android TV Box Under $100)

This could be the Best Chinese Android TV Box just under $100 you should consider if you are looking for a full power packed option.


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Sunvell Q-Streaming 1000M LAN(Best Cheap Android TV Box)

sunvellq tv boxThis product runs on a powerful 2.0GHz Cortex-A quad-core CPU and comes with a jack that allows buyers to access Ethernet connection on the streaming box for faster internet connection speeds. This will translate to better online streaming with less lags in the quality of the video. The video quality is further enhanced by the fact that this box streams with 4K resolution which allows the box to deliver the best video and audio quality in the market. This product also allows the user to access two USB ports which can be used to connect the mouse and any other addition that the user would like to improve convenience.

This streaming box can have an extended storage capacity of up to 1TB which is a big advantage to the user as it means a bigger space to store stuff that they download online such as apps and videos. For fans of movie downloads, gaming and application downloads, this is the product for you.

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Sunvell Q-Streaming TV Box

This is the Best Cheap Android TV Box you could consider if you are looking for a very affordable option.


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Mini M8S II 4K Smart TV Box Amlogic S905X Quad Core Processor

Mini M8SThis products design comes with the Amlogic S905X quad-core CPU that has a rapid processing power which ensures a more stable viewing experience for the user. This product runs on an Android platform of 6.0 and above. The fact that it plays its videos in the 4K HD format ensures that movie viewers have the best experience when streaming anything online due to the clearer focus and sharper video focus that is provided.

This product comes with a preinstalled Google play that allows users to access their favorite apps, games and music without a hassle. The processor of this streaming box ensures that the user can get access to the best and newly released videos in the market as the Android box also features a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

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Mini M8S II 4K

Another good option from Mini just under $50 mark and a very good fit for an Average Consumer.


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R – BOX 4K HD Smart Android Box TV 64Bit

This entertainment box sports a Mali-400 GPU and comes with a state of the art Rockchip RK3229 quad-core processor. This ensures that the machine runs smoothly without glitches despite all the processes that one may run. It also runs on an Android platform of 5.1.1 and above and with a high speed Wi-Fi connection coming with the device, home entertainment is assured. This streaming box supports 4K video and can play multiple video formats which makes it highly unlikely that one can miss out on an episode due to video technicalities.

This streaming box is fitted with a host of features such as Bluetooth connectivity, use of multiple languages, 3D movie support, E-mail, DLNA and office suit which makes it the most versatile home entertainment streaming box available in the market. An investment in this box essentially makes the user the owner of a one in all entertainment shop.

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R-Box 4k HD

This is the last option on this list and the cheapest option you could get, it was included as the 6th option for those who are looking for an average easy to use TV Box.

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