Best Chinese Projector – Top Choices & Buyer’s Guide

In recent days use of projectors have increased drastically especially in schools, universities and offices. They are useful for multimedia teaching and for meetings and presentations in offices. With time, projectors have advanced a lot. Initially, they used to be big, heavy boxes but today we have slim, light weight projectors. Although, their size has decreased, their prices haven’t been down. Today, China is the biggest manufacturer of electronics products bringing new varieties every day. They have introduced many such electronic items which weren’t available before. Their electronic market is quite robust offering competitive rates. China is manufacturing many different kind of projectors. Have a look at some of the best Chinese projectors you could use.

Projector Image Projector Lumens Contrast Ratio Resolution Pricing
Excelvan CL720D LED Projector(Best Budget Projector) 3000 2000:1 1280 X 800 Check Price
MDI i5 3D DLP Projector 3000 10000:1 1280 X 800 Check Price
H60 LCD Projector (Best Cheap Projector) 60 1000:1 480 x 320 Check Price
Unic UC50 DLP Projector 50 1000:1 854 x 480 Check Price

1. H60 (Best Cheap Projector)

Best Cheap ProjectorThis projector has very impressive and attractive outlook. It is available in five different bright colours with a plastic, curved design giving it the perfect view a projector can carry.

It is only 460 grams making it one of the lightest projectors available. Its brightness is too less than should be (only 60 lumens) but the light bulb has a good life of 50000 hours which makes its ultra-durable.

Hence it is good choice to be used in places where projectors are used for long duration of time. Along with all other connection slots it has a 3.5 mm audio jack also and thus hands free can be used with it.

H60 LCD Projector

2. UNIC UC 40

UC - 40 projectorThis is very affordable projector with only $34. It is ultra-light, slim and size of a tablet. With this price it offers amazing brightness of 40 lumens and a contrast ratio of 300:1. It can be used for prolonged time as it is effective in heat handling. It has fully sealed plastic chassis and efficient heat dissipation ways.

Its design is dust proof thus giving clear image. It offers all type of ports including HDMI, VGA, USB and SD card slots and thus can be connected to laptops, computers or smartphones. The only negative of the product is that it both has a battery nor a remote control and thus cannot be used from distance.

3. PH580+

This projector has the best image quality of high definition resolution and maintaining as aspect ratio of 4:3 or 6:9. The image is very clear and sharp and thus can be used in lighted room also. LED bulb installed in this projector has a lifespan of 30000 hours with brightness of 3200 lumens. The image can be easily extended to 60-150 inches. This projectors has built speakers which eases its use for large gathering as separate speakers aren’t required. Another very useful feature of this projector is that it has Bluetooth compatible and thus can be wirelessly connected to the device. Due to this property it can be kept anywhere and the user need not be near the projector and the screen. However, it is little heavy than UNIC UC 40 projector.


4. Excelvan CL720D (Best Budget Projector)

Excelvan CL720D LED ProjectorThis is the most affordable projector which works for 3D as well. It has HD image and projects largest picture of 200 inches which is greatest among all Chinese projectors.

Its bulb has a long life of 50,000 hours and produces 3000 lumens with 2000:1 contrast ratio, thus projecting a nearly perfect image.

It supports 23 different languages and can be easily used by very vast population in the world. It has 2 built speakers and a remote control. It has many ports and slots on its back and comes with MHL cable to connect phone.

Excelvan CL720D

5. MDI i5

MDI i5 3D DLP ProjectorThis projector has most features among all Chinese projectors. It also comes with Android 5.1 system offering 3D experience. It gives 8GB storage to download any app using Google store. It gives a perfect image supporting Blu-ray 3D Ready. It has quite good speed and runs of 2 quad core processor with 2 GB RAM.

It supports digital light processing technology which gives sharp, clear images looking with real life video. The constant ratio is 10000:1 and 3000 lumens so the image quality is perfect. It has all kind of ports for connectivity along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It has built in speakers and air sharing facility for transfer of data.

It can be controlled using remote controller and also wirelessly through mouse. Its USB port supports charging of different devices. It has its own battery also with a downtime of more than 2 hours. In a nutshell, this Chinese projector has all features of a smart tablet.

Excelvan CL720D

6. UNIC UC 40+

This projector is quite cheap with a price of $40 but offers very good image resolution. It has brightness of 800 lumens and the bulb with a life span of 20000 hours. The lens is multi collared which makes its protective to scratches.

It has a very good focus and image can be scaled to 16:9 or 4:3 from a focal length of only 1.07 to 3.8 metres. It also comes with a remote controller to control it from distance. This project has all types of connectivity port along with audio jack for hands free. It is very light in weight and has a rectangular design like that of traditional projectors.

7. UNIC UC50+

UNIC UC50This is the smallest and lightest projector in al Chinese projectors. It has typical rectangular design and is the size of smart phone. It can be easily carried in pocket anywhere. The light bulb is covered with a sliding protector. Picture resolution is quite good with 1000 lumens and 50000 hours life span of bulb making it perfect for prolonged use.

The contrast ratio is 10000:1 and supports 1080p videos. It has a battery life of more than 1.5 hours and can charge smart phones. It offers all sort of slots and comes with a remote control. Its multimedia supports all sorts of formats giving an ease of using any kind of file.


Final Verdict

There isn’t any doubt that China offers projectors with very versatile range of features. Price range is as too vast. One can buy a projector of as less as $40 and as expensive as $400. Some of their companies offer products with all the features in one. They have projectors with all kind of display and image quality.

Chinese projectors can be chosen according to your usage as every use requires different features and these products have vast range of features. For schools and universities, projectors with high battery life are important whereas for office good image quality is important. If a projector is used at home its audio jack is important. Thus it offers a wide choice to clients to choose from.


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