Best Chinese Earphones – 2018 Top Choices

Update - 2018.01.20
There are a lot of options when it comes to earphones in the market. However, most of them are very expensive and sometimes one wants the same kind of earphones but for a price which is lesser and easily available.
Chinese products are flooding the market these days and more often than not they provide wonderful replicas of products and often last for a long time. When it comes to music systems and earphones, this market has a lot to offer

Let’s look at some earphones options which are available in the market today and are of Chinese origin brands.

Best Chinese Earphones 2018

Earphones Design Name Wearing Type Frequency response Functions Pricing
Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones In-Ear 20~20KHz Answering Phone,Microphone,Song Switching,Voice control Check Price
Xiaomi In-ear earphones Pro(Editor's Choice) In-Ear 20 - 40KHz Answering Phone,Microphone,Noise Cancelling,Song Switching,Voice control Check Price
KZ ZS3 Detachable Design HiFi In Ear Stereo Earphones In-Ear 20~20KHz Answering Phone,HiFi,Microphone,Noise Cancelling Check Price
JBMMJ MJ8500 Clear Bass Dynamic In-ear Earphones In-Ear 20~20KHz Noise Cancelling Check Price

1. The first product that we can talk about is the Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones:

Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones

These earphones have amazing features which sets them at par with any Sennheiser or skullcandy earphones. It can be used for mobile phones, DJ consoles, PlayStations and other gaming consoles as well as computers and other such music related devices. It weighs about 0.02kg and is portable.

It has a in hear feature, which fits perfectly inside the hollow of your ear and has 3 different sizes to choose from, depending upon the size that works best for you.
It has two drivers which balance the frequencies of the music such as mid and high tones, and drivers specialised for low frequencies.

This earphone is made up of a material called Kevlar which is a synthetic fibre which has a high tensile strength which means that it doesn’t allow the earphones to break easily even if they get intertwined with other things in your bag or purse. This Kevlar material is also used in the industry for various items like tyres and vest, and hence makes it a very reliable material to use. The inner tips of the earphones vary in three sizes and are made up of a very soft material which allows the user to listen to music for a long period of time.

Xiaomi phones were released a few months ago and it has established itself as a brand which is trustworthy. Their products are reliable and one of the best when it comes to various products’ Chinese counterparts.

Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones

2. Another option from the same which also provides high quality earphones for your music related problems is the Original Xiaomi In-ear Hybrid Earphones Pro.

Original Xiaomi In-ear Hybrid Earphones Pro

These earphones originate from the same brand and provide good quality music listening experience for its customers. They differ slightly from the Hybrid Dual Drivers, but have their own unique feature as well. This pair of earphones has three unit drivers which we explain in detail for you.

The dual drivers are armature drivers which balance the low and the mid tones as we saw earlier. This makes these earphones more susceptible to bass sounds and delivers very good quality of high frequency music without creating a noisy pitch when it a user is listening to music. Other than that this earphone also has something known as a Graphene vibrating system. Graphene is one of the thinnest and the strongest material.

This basically amplifies the music which is balanced by the dual and armature drivers and gives it additional detail for clear music and softer tones, making it one of the best ways to enjoy and experience music. Its transmission power is massive which delivers every small and high frequency with speed and efficiency.

It is made up of elastic ground cable which allows this earphone to be tangle free and durable. This earphone has something which is not featured in any earphones that this brand offers. It has a 45 degree oblique angle design made for the earbuds to deliver the best music frequencies and is meant to fit the ear without creating any form of discomfort. It is meant to fit perfectly in the ear and provide ultimate ease in use.

However the only issue is that the volume controls of these earphones do not support IOS and hence, do not work unless the music volume is set using the device through which music is playing.

Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Earphones Pro

3. Another brand which delivers equally good music experience is the KZ ZS3 Detachable Design HiFi In Ear Stereo Earphones.

KZ ZS3 Detachable Design HiFi In Ear Stereo Earphones

These earphones are absolutely fantastic hen you look at their design. It is built keeping in mind the ergonomics of these designs and provides ultimate comfort when one wears it. However the most unique part about this earphones is that it can be detahced.

These earphones come with a dual pin which one can detach and fix with the one that you like most. Thy also boasts a unique noise cancelling property as their drivers are placed int he back and hence when the music is transferred inside your ear, you will not be able to experience the background noise at all and will be able to enjoy un adulterated music quality.

It also has super bass feature which amplifies the bass sounds and delivers them without too much noise and distortions. The music is smooth and very fast in its delivery. It boasts of an in built microphone which allows its users to place and make calls without removing the earphones from phones/ipads etc. These earphones support all kinds of devices and do not create any problems with hardwares of any device. They also have a strong and sturdy cable which allows the user to be stress-free in case the earphones get tangled up.

Although it doesn’t have an MI brand, it works just like any other MI product.

Final Verdict

All in all, all these options stated above are great when it comes to choosing your next best earphones. They are readily available on Gearbest and ship to your location within days. They come from trusted sellers and are easily accessible. They are just as good as any other brand and work for a long time, their longevity poses no issues if kept properly. Their customer support teams assure to address your queries and grievances, and the best part? All of this for a minimal price which is both economical and value for money.

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