Bengoo Gaming Headset Review – Good for PS4?

Bengoo Gaming Headset Review : Your gaming experience can be as great as your choice to have the latest gaming headset. One of the best new generation headphones is Bengoo G9600 headset with all you require to have an awesomely enriching mobile and computer gaming experience. Are you tired of hectic models of headphones that often disrupt your gaming session with a poor quality of sound and you are now thinking of a better alternative? If so, you have landed at the right place.

Read on to discover what Bengoo G9600 entails so that while making your decision to buy your own, you have the right information about this highly trusted device you are going to enjoy using. Well, let me give you a spoiler alert! this review may sound biased to you but believe us we have tested the headsets with various people and our team as well and found that they are just awesome considering the gaming category.


  • It is perfect for various games due to its surrounding subwoofer with clear sound system.
  • It is comfortable and convenient to use.
  • Has no negative health effects
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • Uses modern technology such as LED lights
  • Has high compatibility with different devices


  • The only notable limitations of this headset may be: It’s entirely made of plastic which reduces its lifespan. However, with utmost care you can have a long period of service.
  • Not convenient for recording. But serves its primary functions well.

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Great Design

Bengoo G9000 features an indisputably high quality design with everything made convenient for your use during your gaming session. It is made using superiorly designed protein over-ear pads which are perfectly comfortable and allows for proper air permeability. With its multiple point headbeam and a cord with a specification of human body engineering, you don’t have to be worried of suffering hearing impairment or heat sweat while using this gaming headset.

Additionally, the headphone features a genuine leather material which is friendly and can be worn for a long period of time without negatively affecting your skin.

Glaring LED lights on the headset’s earcups makes it even more effective by highlighting the game atmosphere as you play.

Comfortable to wear and use

Due to its great design, Bengoo G9600 headset is quite comfortable for use during your gaming session. Features such as high grade wearable TPE, comfortable and delicate touch and soft texture are all meant to enhance your comfort and improve your concentration while you are gaming.

Further comfort is enhanced by the headset’s elegant appearance which makes it ideal for use everywhere you go. It is never disappointing to put on this incredible model of headsets.

The long and perfectly flexible mic design also makes it easier to adjust the microphone angle.

The best sound quality

Different features have been creatively combined to come up with the best sound quality that is not found in any other type of headsets. The headset is made with an integrated omni-directional microphone to transmit the best quality of sound with a premium noise-cancelling feature. While using this headset, you can clearly receive and deliver messages in the course of your gaming session due to its great sensitivity and noise-isolation feature.

Similarly, the best sound quality of Bengoo G9600 is enhanced with its surrounding stereo subwoofer that has features such as neodymium driver, clear sound-operating strong brass and acoustic positioning precision. This makes it convenient to play a variety of games such as Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, Star Wars Battlement among other games.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Bengoo G9600 has all the ideal requirements of a modern gaming headset. Spending a little bit more of your money to buy this device makes a big difference as far as your gaming needs are concerned. In fact its numerous benefits are even more than the amount of money it costs. Compared to what you will spend buying, it is actually a bargain. Make a step of ordering for Bengoo G9600 Headset from Amazon and have your dreams fulfilled once and for all. You will never regret.

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