Beelink SEA I TV Box Review – Really A Smart TV Box ?

There are numerous TV boxes to the delight of the many entertainment seekers all over the world. However, even with the countless brands available, they all work differently offering different experiences to their users. When it comes to choosing a Tv box for personal entertainment, reading reviews of the box in question is important in order to get the best. In this case before settling one, taking a closer look at Beelink SEA I TV Box Review:-   (Check the presale price)

What’s Inside The Box

We have seen multiple TV Boxes available in the market with different features, price, and some special features. The Beelink Team introduces The Beelink SEA I TV Box with some very unique and special features like Adding A Hard Drive to the TV Box which will be used for storing Videos and Images also can be used For Streaming them. also with such great add on it supports 4K UHD for better Quality as well as it has USB 3.0, WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN Port for accessing the internet right from the box.all these features come in One Small Box which also cheaper in Cost.

Beelink SEA I TV Box Review

  • HDMI recordingThe Beelink SEA I TV Box simultaneously displays two video stream windows at a time, on the same screen. This way ensuring one can switch them freely at will.
  • Video storage/recordingWhen it comes to shooting videos or recording them, one is able to do this in real time. With a fast resPonse of up to 20% using the DDR4 technology, recording is done with a single click. In addition to real-time recording, the RTC battery ensures that there is no need to repeat correcting time, as a simple system startup automatically display the real time. In addition, the eMMC high-speed flash memory ensures that every can be captured and stored. The memory which can be expandable to either 16/32 MB, guarantees that every memory captured is not lost by offering storage.
  • Aluminum coverTo avoid instances of overheating, aluminum covers have been used in the manufacture of the Beelink SEA I TV Box. This way cooling the box for up to 2 hours on video playback at a temperature of 22 degrees and 21.5 degrees when game playing. This way providing stability for all users.
  • Ultra High definition TV Box

Competing with other TV box brands in the industry, the Beelink SEA I TV Box uses 4K TV technology. Thus offering the best images to all  watchers.


Beelink SEA I TV Box

Overall Performance and Quality

With Support of Realtek Octa-Core CPU, DDR4 RAM, Dual-Band WiFi, Bluetooth and LAN it is a great Hardware Package which runs latest Android 6.0 super efficiently with built in OTA Support. All in all, considering the remarkable features the Beelink SEA I TV Box supports in addition to the to the advantages it offers, it comes as a must buy TV box. Still with the disadvantages needing a little software update, it is a worthy box to look out for when considering TV boxes.



Why is the screen blurry on start up?

Change to a new HDMI cable.

What should i do if the box cannot boot up properly or crashes many times?

You need to upgrade the firmware (which is provided by the manufacturer).

Why can’t i download some Apps?

Ensure the system supports the Apps you download, upgrade the firmware if necessary.

Final Verdict and Price

Considering all the factors, Pro’s and Con’s of Beelink TV Box we can say that it’s a must have and a very good deal for TV enthusiast who are looking for TV BOX with Good Hardware specification with ability to Store and Transfer the data right from the box without a hassle. It is a truly SMART TV Box available in the market today.

Best Place To Buy

There are many E-Commerce stores available in the market where you could find this TV Box at various prices. Some are very good and some are just doesn’t fit a typical consumer’s needs. However, we recommend you going with the Gearbest E-Commerce portal for this one. It is priced at around ~$105 on Gearbest with Free Shipping option. And because of the Trust and market position, Gearbest is the best fit for these type of gadgets. As, Our Editorial Team will only recommend you to go with a handful of E-Commerce companies which we have already tested and verified.

Beelink SEA I TV Box Realtek 1295

Smart TV Box


Beelink SEA I TV Box Review – Really A Smart TV Box ?
9.5 Total Score
Great Product at Low Price !

The Beelink SEA I is Very good combination of Hardware And Software with most of the Features and Great Connectivity

  • It has a removable hard box which is simple, brings about stability and is easy to use
  • Single photo storage space
  • Wireless, thus eliminating the cumbersomeness of wires
  • Offers routine wireless updates in the even there is one by just a click
  • Offers fast download transmission with a recorded 802.11ac dual-band WiFi
  • Crashes if an update is not allowed
  • Needs software firmware update to allow download of some Apps


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