AMIGOO X18 Review – Budget 3G Phablet

Update - 2017.01.23

AMIGOO X18 Phablet Review

Are you looking for a new phone but on a tight budget? Do you want to spend minimum but have maximum quality? Not possible, I hear you say? Well, you’re wrong. There’s a product out there on the market at the moment which could be perfect for you. “This is the Typical overview of any smartphone you may have seen on many sites but let’s find out if it’s really true or not in the full AMIGOO X18 Review.”

AMIGOO X18 Review

What You Get ?

Priced at just ~$73, this budget smartphone is a great way to dabble in new technology but at the same time keeping your wallet happy too. Available in three colors; black, white or champagne, this product has the added bonus of free shipping to the United Kingdom, so you don’t have to dish out for that either.

AMIGOO X18 Phablet Review



The AMIGOO X18 is particularly good for frequent travelers, as it is unlocked for worldwide use, so you can rest assured that you can stay connected with friends and family during holidays and business trips. Additionally, the Dual SIM option is even more useful, as you don’t need to worry about switching between numbers when you travel; less confusion for you and your friends.

The phone comes with a generous 8 GB of memory which is extremely reasonable considering the low price. However, if this is not enough for you, the AMIGOO X18 has the option of external memory, allowing a whopping 32GB to be added. Unfortunately, this is not included in the overall cost, but as the phone is so reasonably priced it means that you have more to spend on these added little extras.

As well as a dual-SIM, the phone comes a good camera and has a number of features including autofocus, continuous shooting, digital zoom, exposure compensation, face detection, panorama, scene mode, self-timer and touch focus. Despite the endless list of features, the 2.0MP on both the front and back camera means that you cannot rely on high-quality images. So if photography is your thing, this phone isn’t for you.

The battery life of the AMIGOO X18 offers up to 200 hours during standby mode, up to 10 hours of talk time, up to 18 hours of music play and up to 5 hours of battery video playback. Unlike most modern phones, the phone does not allow for wireless charging technology or fast battery charging, however, the relatively good battery life means that this isn’t too much of an issue. If you are one of those people who relies on their phone, then the removable battery feature means that if you are really struggling, you can purchase two batteries and have them both fully charged as a backup option for when you are on the go.

The phone comes installed with a number of apps including Gmail, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Flashlight, Clock, Calendar, Calculator, World Clock and Sound Recorder. Apps are available to be downloaded through Google Play, however, do be aware that this phone is designed only to work with the new current Android/Windows OS installed in it, as any other upgrades or flashing a newer version will mean that the warranty is void.

Included with the phone you also get a charger, USB data cable, leather case screen protector, warranty card and user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why can’t I hear any sound when making or receiving a call ?

1. Make sure the protective film has been removed completely

2. Try to turn up the volume of the handset

3. Try to change mobile signal in your area might be poor

4. If you cannot hear the voice of the receiver, it might be the problem of the receiver’s phone or signal.

Final Verdict & Conclusion

So, there are many Smartphones available in the market of various brands and features, for less price, this is a sure shot good smartphone available in the market today as daily driver As far as smartphones go, this one is pretty good value for money. Ok, it’s not perfect, but for under $72 what more can you ask for?

Price & Best Place to buy

You can enjoy the whole new exciting AMIGOO X18 3G Phablet at an affordable price of ~$73. It comes in two variants i.e. silver and white.The AMIGOO X18 Phablet is available in many online stores, but we do recommend the Gearbest For their cheap prices as well as good customer may find the link with Discount Below.

AMIGOO X18 3G Phablet


AMIGOO X18 Review – Budget 3G Phablet
6.5 Total Score
Nice Product !

Best Option for Daily Driver...

  • Quad-Core
  • Dual Sim + 3G
  • Good Battery
  • Less RAM
  • Resolution


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